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Yield Guild Games Purchases Genesis NFTs in Play-to-Earn Mobile Game, Fancy Birds

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YGG’s latest partner, Fancy Birds, is a play-to-earn mobile game targeting the casual mini-game niche. With compelling and addictive game mechanics, Fancy Birds is rekindling the viral side-scroller Flappy Bird.

YGG will be partnering with the Fancy Games DAO, a mobile game studio of play-to-earn mini-games with Fancy Birds as their flagship game. Through this partnership, YGG and Fancy Birds will work to curate a collection of mobile-friendly games and provide more opportunities for mobile gamers to earn yield.

YGG has acquired 100 custom Genesis Fancy Birds with YGG traits as part of the first Genesis set.

YGG’s acquisition of custom-made Genesis Birds with YGG traits will allow the guild to have the most breeding capacity of Fancy Birds as future generations may have limited capacity compared to the Genesis set. In addition to this, YGG has conducted an FNC/YGG token swap worth US$200,000.

Fancy Birds will also create a custom guild dashboard for each partner guild, which will allow YGG scholars to borrow, play, earn and breed with YGG-branded Fancy Birds.

According to Jesse Federman, CEO of Fancy Birds, “A partnership with YGG will significantly help bolster the activity and players on Fancy Birds. We are excited to work with YGG in the long term as we expand to more mini-games in the future.”

Custom-made Genesis Birds with YGG traits

Fancy Birds are 8,888 randomly generated NFT characters where Genesis birds will have exclusive traits. These NFT characters compete through various game modes for the title of “the fanciest bird in the nest.” Certain birds in the game have their own different value and utility, such as genesis, mutated or unique. Players fly birds in single-player and multiplayer missions and tournaments, where the main objective is flying longer and farther.

To start off, players will need to acquire a Genesis Fancy Bird to play the game in the beginning. However, there will be opportunities to play the game without any upfront cost with free-to-play skins in the future.

The game will have a single-player mode, where users can complete daily missions, like flying a certain amount of time or earning a certain amount of points to generate a fixed amount of its governance and reward token, FNC. The FNC token serves as both the governance and play-to-earn reward token in the Fancy Birds ecosystem, capturing all the value created by the game, including staking, customizing, earning, and breeding.

There will also be custom missions from partner projects, tournaments, as well as weekly FNC missions, along with more yield-generating opportunities for competitive players, who may acquire tokens from placing high in the leaderboards.

The project has also attracted big-name supporters in the industry. Among those who joined the pre-seed round are Kain Warwick from Synthetix; Stani Kulechov from Aave; Tyler Ward from BarnBridge; Santiago Santos, (previously at ParaFi Capital; and 0xMaki from SushiSwap.

A later seed round was led by YGG, YGG SEA, Merit Circle, Polemos, and Framework Ventures.

For players that want to participate in the Fancy Birds economy, the liquidity bootstrapping event for the FNC token will take place on Copper from December 14 to December 16, 2021.

For more information on Fancy Birds, visit their website, Discord, and Twitter.

Also, check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.

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