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VeVe Showroom V2 – Overview

This post was originally published on Veve

With exciting new features and upgrades, Showroom V2 is rolling out to all VeVe users on Android and iOS!


Dec 10 · 4 min read

Besides the amazing variety of collectibles we have on VeVe and the awesome AR functionality we have in the app, VeVe’s Showroom feature has been one of the pillars of the VeVe experience since its launch, allowing our fans to bring all of their collectibles together and show them off in one virtual space.

While the original version of the Showroom is nice and our community has done some amazing things with it, and we are more than excited to see what amazing creations we’ll see with Showroom V2!

VeVe Showroom v2- sneak peek!

New Features & Showrooms

In this update, it’s not only the Showroom that has been updated — A new type of Showroom, called Empty Space, has been added! Now, when creating a new showroom, you have two Showrooms to choose from: Showroom v2 (Vault Showroom) or Empty Showroom. Additionally, a few quality-of-life improvements to make things easier for all you vault artists.

Showroom V2

If you haven’t seen Showroom V2 before, take a tour here. Showroom V2 offers a variety of updates, including increased showroom size, improved textures for far better aesthetics, an entirely new foyer area better suited for collectible display and a balcony overlooking the cloudscape. All newly created showrooms will now use the updated Showroom v2.

Empty Showrooms

We’ve had many requests from the #VeVeFam to showcase more than one collectible in AR, and the Empty Showroom allows just that!

As the name implies, this showroom is an empty space. that means no walls, floors or ceilings — just a grid onto which you can place and position your collectibles, just as you would do in the Vault Showroom.

The Empty Space will allow you to set up your own virtual dioramas. You will be able to place multiple collectibles in AR, so you can get that perfect photo standing amongst your favorite collectibles or feature them against your favorite backdrop. Whether your creation is Marvel vs DC, or your own DCon art gallery, we can’t wait to see what you create…

Set up your collectibles in the Empty Showroom, and then view them all at once in AR

The Empty Showroom works just like the Vault Showroom – it has all the same buttons and features you already know to add and position your collectibles.

To add a collectible simply tap the (+) button in the bottom right, choose a collectible you own, and it will be added to the scene. Like in the Vault Showroom, you can add multiple collectibles to the Empty Space.

After adding a collectible, tap to select it and then the Move, Rotate, Scale buttons will show on the left of screen. Note — if you move a collectible when in AR mode, the position change will be retained when returning to non-AR mode.

When you have one or more collectibles in the Empty Space, you can enter AR mode. Access the AR feature just like you would in the other Showrooms — tap the AR button in the bottom left, scan the ground and tap to place your collection.

‘Move All’ AR Feature

Coming to the Empty Showroom in AR mode, there is a ‘Move All’ feature that will allow you to move, rotate, and scale all your collectibles together, so you won’t have to move them one by one when trying to create a nice AR scene.

When in AR, to use the ‘Move All’ feature, tap the ‘Move All’ button which is located in the bottom right when in Empty Showroom > AR mode. When tapped, a transparent blue box will appear around all collectibles and you can use the move, rotate and scale tools to position all collectibles at once.

LEFT: Empty Space viewed in AR. RIGHT: ‘Move All’ mode enabled


To make your life that little bit easier, all Showrooms now offer undo and redo tools, allowing you to experiment more

Will I lose my current Showrooms?

We know how important your current Showrooms are to you, so your current V1 Showroom will remain intact unless you delete them from the app — once deleted, it will no longer be possible to create a Showroom V1.


This update has been a long time coming, and with all of the new updates here, we’re glad to be able to provide you with an easier and more expansive experience in the Showrooms and AR.

Be sure to use the hashtag #VeVeShowroom on Twitter and we may share some of your creations from time to time!

We appreciate your continued support and will continue to listen to feedback and improve the experience with even more features and upgrades over time. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Get VeVe today and start your digital collection!

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