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Codyfight Incubation Partnership: AMA Recap

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We had a blast at the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Codyfight on Wednesday. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the events for you to catch up on!

Akville, Codyfight’s Marketing Lead, was nice enough to join us in order to answer some of our community’s questions, as well as to help give away one of the first special edition Codyfight Uniair to a lucky participant.

The first 20 Codyfight Uniair pulled from Booster Packs qualify the puller to Codyfight’s upcoming IDO!

Codyfight AMA Recap


  • Steve (@Sonicfrog77) from Polychain Monsters
  • Akvile — Marketing Lead at Codyfight

Let’s begin the AMA with Codyfight, Today we will have @akvilezub with us who is the Marketing lead over at Codyfight. Great to have you with us today.

Akvile: Happy to be here! Hello, everyone 👋

Lets dive right in with the first Question shall we.

Question 1: Please introduce briefly about yourself and CodyFight?

Akville: I am Akvile, Marketing Lead at Codyfight. We are building AI vs. Human competition game/metaverse, where players can code, draw, compete, trade, and even more 🤖⚔️ 👽.


Question 2: Can you briefly tell us what your mission all about? and what problems are you trying to solve?

Akvile: We believe that AI does not have to be a human servant, it can also play an important social role, so we vision to empower AI interplay and competition with humans. Even though it is a coding game anyone can be a part of the Codyfight community and earn crypto rewards for it. It includes AI and humans playing in balance, artists earning passive income, community leaders organizing tournaments, community always waiting for the biggest events such as world championships.

Most unique mechanism of Codyfight is a combination of AI vs. Human competition where both can play in balance, while the most exclusive benefit is an opportunity to scale robot farms and own multiple robots which all can play at the same time in different matches with AI code taking care of it without the need to sit and play yourself.

Question 3: Can you tell us about the $CTOK token? How it works and its uses on the platform?

Akvile: The most important utility — is the internal game currency used to ignite Codyfight ecosystem: in-game purchases contain competitive game entree fees (CTickets) and NFT skins.

rewards for players are granted from the arena, tournaments, challenges; passive income for artists flow from skins sales and for developers from source code providing.

the will be always lots of in-game player incentives; players will be staking tokens to provide liquidity and earn rewards for it; metagame direction will be driven by player votes (DAO).

When it comes to token holding for a long time, one of the easiest and the most useful benefits will be NFT skins because of how valuable they are. Nevertheless, we’re going to develop strategies associated with valuable in-game items to promote players to hold the token 😎.

Question 4: Lets talk about the Gameplay. How will the game look like? How does it work?

Akvile: Codyfight is a multiplayer one-on-one AI coding web-based game. It is a turn-based strategy that can be compared to a chess game for programmers 👀.

The entity a user controls in the game is a battle-ready robot. AI or human-controlled robots navigate over a two-dimensional dynamic-size rectangle tilemap. One match is played in 10 rounds and each round has up to 25 moves for each player. Each turn player can perform one action of choice: go right, left, up, down, or stay 👈👉👆👇.

Simple controls make the game easy to enter, but they do not make the final movement decision nor strategy any simpler! Players have to constantly learn and understand new map tiles and behaviors in Special Agents to be able to win matches. Here’s an infographic which sums it all up:

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels!
– Telegram group: https://t.me/codyfight
– Announcements: https://t.me/codyfightnews
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/codyfight

Question 5: Can Codyfight talk about some outstanding features that can make your project stand out and give it a competitive edge among competitors who are constantly making new updates and offering new products?

Akvile: Here it goes! Codyfight’s goal is to introduce a brand new world of expression opportunities. This means different people can join in including gamers, developers, artists, collectors, investors, and community leaders. This is something that similar games do not offer 👀

Some of our game’s features:

– Own bots made from NFT skins and CKeys
– Trade NFTs through built-in marketplace as well as outside the game
– Use those robots in the game arena
– Code bots to automate robot playing in arena (it’s cheating in other games)
– Scale robot farms to maximize rewards (think about other games like 9–5 job, and Codyfight like business scaling for players)
– Draw and sell skins in the community skin shop — passive income for artists
– Organize official tournament for the community with custom games rules with profits for organizers and participants/winners

This all sounds really awesome and well thought out. I can’t wait to see it all coming together.

Akvile: Soon! We’re planning to release alpha version of the game in Q1 of 2022 😍.

Best get that in my Diary 😎 .

After-AMA Quiz

Immediately following our Booster Partner AMAs, we host a five question quiz based on the information presented during the session. Each question is worth one point (awarded to a single viewer with the correct answer), and the participant with the most points by the end is awarded a special edition Polymon from our partner — a very coveted prize!

Look at those signature glasses B)

Q1: What serves as a default competitive game entry fee?
A1: CTicket

Q2: What’s the name of our evil representative special agent?
A2: Mr. Ryo

Q3: How many robots Codyfight player can have?
A3: The number is not limited

Q4: What is Codyfight’s token?

Q5: What 2 details are required to complete Codyfight’s player Robot?
A5: Ckey and NFT skin

Tie Breaker Question: Whose ally is Mr. Kix?
Answer: Mr. Ryo

Winner: @endst1lle — Congrats and enjoy your special edition Codyfight Uniair! There will be more prizes handed out during the rest of the week, so stay tuned for more events with the Codyfight team!

About Codyfight

A Blockchain-powered P2E AI vs. human competition metaverse where you can develop AI bots, own tradable NFT skins and compete against others.

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