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Dvision LAND NFT — P2P Trading Competition to be conducted on Refinable!

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A total of $10,000 USDT & 20,000 FINE tokens will be distributed among the top NFT traders

Dvision Network

Dec 6 · 3 min read

Dear community members,

We are proud to announce that Dvision is going to hold Dvision LAND NFT P2P “Trading Competition” on the Refinable Platform. It’s a pleasure to note that the secondary trading for the LAND NFTs on the Refinable has been pretty steady and active during the previous week since its inception. The trading competition is held in order to provide the users and the traders with the best rewarding experience on the Refinable’s platform, engaging with the Dvision LAND NFTs. More than $10,000 in USDT and up to an additional 20,000 FINE tokens will be provided to the top traders that will be evaluated by the sum of their buying and selling volume of the Dvision LAND NFTs.

Trading Competition Details

  • Dvision Metaverse LAND NFT Trading Competition will occur here: Dvision LAND Collection (Check the attached link)
  • The trading competition will be held from 6th December 12 PM UTC till 20th December 12 PM UTC (roughly two weeks)
  • Total Rewards: Up to $10,000 USDT and additional 20,000 FINE tokens to the users that will sell & buy the NFTs in FINE tokens.
  • Up to 50 top traders will be elected according to the Total Trading Volume

Trading Competition: How will it be conducted?

Users will have to sell & buy (trade) the LAND NFTs during the 2 weeks in order to be eligible for the top ranking. The ranking will be composed based on the “Total Trading Volume” of the LAND NFTs

Total Trading Volume = NFT Purchase + NFT Sell

Both selling and buying volume will be calculated to derive the total trading volume. All the purchased LAND NFTs in different currencies, BUSD, BNB, USDT, FINE will all be calculated in the USD in order to derive the Total Trading Volume

It should be noted, that by using only BUSD or BNB, you still can be eligible for the 1st spot in the ranking, but you will not receive an additional bonus in the FINE tokens.

In order to receive the additional rewards in FINE tokens, users must sell and buy the LAND NFTs in the FINE tokens. For instance, if User A has got first place and is subject to receive $1500 in USDT. He might either receive only $1500, if he has engaged in trading with BUSD, BNB, or any other currency, or he can receive $1500 + 3000 FINE tokens if he has used FINE tokens when trading the NFTs. Users can trade with any currency and will win X amount based on trading volume. If users trade with FINE, the Refinable Team will add an additional bonus x2 in FINE tokens.

The rewards will be distributed to the top-ranked traders within 14 days after the completion of the Trading Competition.

  • Users who purchase or sell LAND NFTs using the $FINE will be given x2 in token rewards on top of their original reward amount.
  • For example: If a user places 3rd and had purchased or sold an NFT in $FINE, they will get $800 USDT and additionally 1600 FINE tokens.
  • The user will not be given FINE tokens if the trading has been carried out in any other currency.
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