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Origin Story Partners With Top NFT Artists at Art Basel Miami

This post was originally published on Origin

Hitchhiker is a South Korean singer, musician, DJ, producer, and composer with SM Entertainment. Initially starting his musical career as part of the late 90’s group Roller Coaster, but quickly became one of SM’s most prominent producers. To commemorate Origin’s NFT exhibition in Miami, Hitchhiker will be performing (in the metaverse!) to tease his future NFT drop on Story.

Finally, I’m thrilled to welcome my dear friends, Henry Lau and Clinton Lau to their first Art Basel in Miami. Furthermore, I’m ecstatic to announce that Henry, a global K-pop star, will be launching his very first NFT collection on Story. Henry is a globally-recognized award-winning singer, producer, and actor co-based in South Korea and China. Trained as a classical violinist and pianist, Henry is best known for combining virtuosic classical elements with pop music and dance in his performances.

Henry Lau — ‘Faded’ on 2 pianos live

Most recently, Henry’s paintings were showcased at Saatchi Gallery in London, the world’s premier fine arts gallery. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement on Henry’s genesis collection on Story.

Henry’s artwork on show in London

With a mission to bring NFTs to the masses and democratize NFT creation and sales for all creators, our number one priority is to build a premier NFT platform that puts creators first. As we continue to scale our platform and introduce many new, innovative features, we will work closely with our early creator partners to ensure what we are building truly matters to them and their collector communities. We want our creators to feel empowered through our technology and build and power their own metaverse experiences with NFTs.

With our OGN Fee Refund, we are excited to enable creators to use our technology for free, and participate in the growth of our ecosystem alongside our team and millions of OGN holders around the world. This program incentivizes our creator partners, many that have large audiences, to refer new customers and promote Origin to their fanbases, further strengthening the OGN community.

We look forward to seeing old faces, meeting new friends, and engaging with our community in Miami. We can not express how grateful we are for the opportunity to once again meet in person with our friends and partners who are impacted by the work that we do.

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