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Along with the Gods PvP Reward Rankings 12/01/2021

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Along with the Gods players earned over $104,000 in total PLA prizes this week!


Dec 4 · 2 min read

Hello Knights!

Another week of Major Arena has ended and your hard-won PLA is heading to your wallets, congratulations to all the winners!

Along with the Gods players who staked an SSR PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT and managed to fight their way into the rankings won a total of $104,268 worth of PLA, or 43,445 PLA tokens!

Check out the rankings below and see how much you earned!

For a fully detailed overview and guide through the process make sure to read these guides, which cover literally everything you need to know to start earning in Along with the Gods

If you want to purchase some PLAYZ NFTs for Staking you can do so by heading to PlayDapp’s Marketplace and buying NFTs listed for sale by other players:

Alternatively, PlayDapp is also currently holding a sale of PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs packs which refreshes the number of packs for sale daily:

Remember you can earn massive PLA rewards weekly from Major Arena rankings so make sure to keep fighting to earn PLA! Good luck Knights!

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