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Highlighting Samples and Setting Examples

To start bridging the path to 2022, we focused on sharing knowledge.

Building knowledge about data and its practical uses can be hard work, but someone has to do it. Hey, why not us, right? November seemed like a great time to spark industry conversations, so we gave everyone a chance to discuss in group talks and go over exciting new features.

🔬 What we focused on:

Getting social

Staying organized is key. We were more than happy to introduce two tools that will help music pros make intelligent decisions in 2022: comprehensive social media analytics to monitor metrics across all key channels, and free webinars with industry veterans that will offer additional tips for turning findings into action.

We also made a pretty cool video about it.

🥋 What we accomplished:

#1 Launched a series of educational webinars

As using data is (finally) being adopted in the music industry at record speed, Viberate webinars aim to introduce artists, labels or anyone working in music to the basics of analytics, help them learn the ropes, and provide them an opportunity to ask seasoned industry professionals for valuable tips and ideas.

Our first webinar was hosted by UMEK and Vasja, who presented insights into how a label can handle its promotional and signing decisions based on data, while music marketing specialist David Boyle talked about how data can help direct a campaign when planners are presented with multiple possible approaches. As David has worked with the likes of Pink Floyd and Katy Perry, such first-hand stories are more than valuable.

💻 Grab a spot in our upcoming webinar right here.

#2 Introduced the most extensive Social Media analytics

Whatever you might feel about it, social media can make or break an artist’s career. That’s why we’ve upgraded our analytics with pretty much every metric and insight that artists said they were missing elsewhere. See what we mean in Miha V.’s latest update article.

#3 Grabbed media attention

While we were busy sending off all these goodies, the media took notice. We again landed some prominent headlines, but that’s not all.

We also got interviewed for the prime-time news, prompting some of our co-workers to finally say: Look, ma, I’m on TV!

#4 Packed even more knowledge onto the platform

Alongside the webinars and all things social, we’ve also revamped our Resources, where you’ll find all the important webinar links, tutorials, data-inspired stories and more. Let Miha P. take you through it.

There are also cool new upgrades to discover in the artists’ analytics, such as performance charts and visualizations, so head on to the platform and give it a go.

💡 What we learned:

While you can’t cultivate algorithms and databases without being more into rules than your average person, it’s also important to remember the value of an example. The good ones are almost always imitated, allowing us all to progress and do better. And if there’s anything on our collective wish list this year, it’s for the world to get better.

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