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Announcing Nine Chronicles Arena Season 1 with 448K NCG Reward Pool!

After six weeks of sleepless nights full of excitement, victories and defeats, ups and downs we successfully completed Arena Season 0. We saw 5697 participants from 97 countries gathering for 981,052 battles to challenge each other. Without your support adventurers, all of this wouldn’t have been possible!

Now, we are thrilled to introduce the next chapter of the Arena series: Arena Season 1. Originally, we were planning to launch the 1st season some time at the beginning of the next year, but after getting feedback from our community, we decided to hold the 1st season this year. This one will be shorter than the previous season, but hopefully more engaging and rewarding! We also plan to update the game client with small surprises since the Holidays are coming soon 🎄

Get ready and see you at the Arena!

  • Arena Season 1 starts on December 7th, 2021 (from block 2,912,000) and ends on December 21st, 2021 (to block 3,023,999)
  • 448K NCG Pool split among the arena participants

Invite your friends, gear up and get ready — those players who could not show off their potential during the previous season, the time is all yours. Now, you can show them that you deserve to be among the TOP.

🏟 Season 1: Alfheim

The 2 weeks-long season kicks off on December 7th, 2021 (from block 2,912,000) and will last approximately until December 21st, 2021 (ending at block 3,023,999). The next season (Arena 1) will be named Alfheim — after the 2nd world of Nine Chronicles.

The main reward for this season is 448,000 NCG in total. Excited already?

You will be able to challenge other players and demonstrate your courage, while facing the different players across the Nine Chronicles’ world. As we gained some feedback from the community we will increase the tickets refresh time from 6 hours to 8 hours, meaning that there will be 5 tickets refreshed every 8 hours and players in Season 1 will be able to take part in up to 15 battles per day. This more flexible schedule will give the players some time to rest, eat and have fun while fighting during the season.

P.S: Keep in mind that this Season will also be another experiment for us to learn more about the format, get the feedback from the audience and provide a more engaging set of challenges and rewards in the future. Everyone’s feedback is important, so please take part in Season 1 and let us know your thoughts!

🤔 Season 1 Arena: How to Participate

Joining the Arena’s 1st season is very simple!

  1. Unlock the arena mode after clearing level 17.
  2. Compete in the arena and get a higher rating.
  3. Use the Nine Chronicles portal to check the full standings as the data will be displayed in the portal.
Onboarding portal, the place to check your standings!

🏅Arena Rewards: Season 1 Medals & NCG

The medal structure and its distribution will be similar to the previous season. Each battle will have a 30% chance of giving the player a Season 1 exclusive medal. At the end of the season, a pool of 224,000 NCG will be divided by the number of total medals earned by all the arena participants. Each player will get NCG based on their share of the medals. At the end of the day, the more effort you put into it, the further you will go, right?

Weekly Arena Reward: NCG for Top 500 Players

Similarly at the end of each arena week (every 56000 blocks), the top players will split 112,000 NCG rewards based on their performance. So polish your best gear and compete for the top!

Two weekly arena rewards will be given out, so players will have a chance to compete for prizes multiple times during the season.

* During season 1, only one character from each account will be able to participate in earning bonus NCG reward.

Arena Point System update

Finally, there has been an update to the point distribution system, with ideas & feedback from the community team to prevent abuse.

That’s it — we are looking forward to seeing you in the Arena Season 1! It will definitely be a great fun experience to close out this hectic year.

Go share the news, find your friends to earn together, and see you on December 7th, 2021!

If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and don’t forget to visit our Discord to join our early access and learn more about the open source RPG network powered by the community. Cheers! 👋

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