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Yearn.Finance Integrates Origin Dollar

Origin is extremely excited to announce that Yearn.Finance has launched a vault integrating the Origin Dollar (OUSD) pool on Curve. Users can now deposit OUSD-3Crv LP tokens into the Yearn vault and automatically receive proceeds from Convex, Curve, and Origin’s liquidity mining campaign. Yearn is one of the largest aggregators and platforms in DeFi. OUSD being integrated with Yearn further establishes OUSD as a key “money lego” in DeFi and a premier stablecoin. This comes fast on the heels of OUSD being integrated into Curve, Convex, Nexus Mutual, and InsurAce.

Anyone who has been deeply involved in DeFi knows Yearn.Finance and their amazing team. Andre Cronje, banteg, and the rest of their team pioneered many of the ideas and concepts that allowed DeFi to explode in 2020. Yearn pioneered the concept of a fair launch token in DeFi with YFI, created the first automatic yield farming vaults and built many tools that really showed the power of composability in DeFi. We have tremendous respect for all of them and are looking forward to deepening our relationship with their team.

We believe that DeFi is going to eat TradFi. OUSD utilizes DeFi composability and automation through smart contracts to provide a 10x better experience and much better utility than the equivalent products from the traditional world. OUSD users passively earn the best risk-adjusted yields in DeFi without performing complex and costly transactions like staking. Origin Dollar is an ideal product for new entrants into crypto and DeFi and has been experiencing hyperbolic growth from a TVL of around $25 million to nearly $200 million in less than a month.

OUSD’s explosive growth benefits OGN holders. OUSD’s smart contracts divert 10% of all yield generated to benefit OGN. Currently, this is done in the form of an OGN buyback but we are looking to implement new value accrual mechanisms in the future. Origin’s mission focus is to drive value to OGN and we will never stop thinking of better ways to do this.

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