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Community Update — November 2021

November has been an amazing month at Charged Particles HQ. Our team has been busy with NFT NYC, IONX CEX listings, Twitter Spaces with some amazing guests, Artist Residency Program, Collectors Club launch, Block Friday Goodies and much more. Read on….!!

NFT NYC — A week full of craziness

Ben Lakoff, Steve Neigut, Mango Dogwood, Sam Casey and Max Jackson from Charged Particles crew were at NFT NYC. Here are some crazy things we did at NFT NYC:

The Artist Council — Twitter Spaces with the legends

“The Artist Council” — was a gathering of the pioneers in the art space consisting of Robness, Anthoney Azekwoh, Israel Wilson, David Henry Nobody Jr, Beacon Bloom and SuperchiefGalleryNFT on Twitter Spaces. It was a mind-blowing discussion about NFTs and Art.

IONX listing on Gate.io

Our governance token IONX is now listed on a centralized exchange Gate.io. You can now trade IONX without worrying about the high gas fees. Supported trading pairs — $IONX/ETH and $IONX/USDT. You can also stake your IONX on Gate.io Liquidity Mining Pool to earn high rewards.

Artist Residency Program

We officially kick-started the artist residency program in which a community artist is selected to make some Charged Particles themed artwork for a few weeks. The first artist we have chosen to work with us for the month of December is Pumpkin Pie. She is a UI/UX designer living in Bali, who draws inspiration from nature.

Apart from the above, we invited Cybertooth Kat and Hari from Polygon to our Twitter spaces to discuss the Book of Alchemy, went live on V3 for IONX staking, sold some amazing NFT Block Friday deals and The Collectors Club is coming, more details to be revealed.

Photon of the Month

We believe deeply in fostering an inclusive, self-expressive, and welcoming community of people who go out of their way to celebrate one another’s success. So, this month, our community core in The Nucleus voted on “Photon Of The Month,” to recognize a community member who had gone above and beyond to contribute to our collective vision.

This month’s Photon of the Month is The Great Mustache aka Matt. The organizer of all things Music, The Great Mustache has added vibrancy to our community from day one. Matt has hosted 5 live shows at our Metaverse Art Drops and released albums on Charged Particles. He is also the founder of Charged Particles Music Guild and The Ecology Guild with Ryan of Beacon Bloom. He is successfully running “NFTs for Musicians” on our Twitter Spaces which has seen five episodes so far featuring FutureBum, Beacon Bloom, Bars and Melody, DJ Rena, and Dyl and has distributed the Music Guild’s NFTs for Musicians interview series as a podcast.

Each month the winner will be granted a special POTM NFT loaded with 1000 IONX tokens and will take on the responsibility of picking three community members to be voted on next month. This way we continue focusing not only on our own work but the work of others around us and make an effort to uplift them!


Charged Particles Guilds is where we foster subcommunities working towards an initiative and the guilds are growing in size each day. Here’s an update on what guilds are up to:

If you’ve been inspired and would like to help build, contribute, or develop projects in these areas or others, join us on our Discord server.

Huddln Partnership

We announced our partnership with Huddln, a decentralized social platform and marketplace on mobile where users control their data allowing them to share and monetize their content. With this partnership, we aim to: — Integrate Huddln NFTs into Charged Particles NFTs , Build narratives and behind the scene content as nested NFTs and explore future possibilities together.

We are delighted to be working with a team that is setting new standards in creating a unified consumer platform

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