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The Svins NFT Drop

Oink, a new NFT collection is dropping to the marketplace on December 1st at 3PM UTC.

The Sandbox

Nov 30 · 3 min read

These little piggies are going to the marketplace on December 1st at 1PM UTC. We’re sure this one will get a snort out of you!

Discover the SVINS NFTs a collection of 30 non-generative Avatars based on the original collection of 1000 handcrafted and diverse pig characters listed on OpenSea and Rarible.

This collection of diverse avatars was created by one talented artist who carefully curated them so that each SVIN would be unique in style and design.

Take your pick out of the 30 diverse NFTs that will be up for sale. Every single one of these SVINS has an exclusive design that can fit your fashion statement.

All aboard the marketplace on December 1st 3PM UTC for a chance to get your swine NFT!

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