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Polymon World: The Official Alpha Release

Battling, questing, trading and cosmetics? This is truly the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

If some of our latest tweets haven’t tipped you off, the official Alpha release of Polymon World is finally upon us! Designed as a 3D immersive RPG experience, Polymon World is Polychain Monsters’ premiere Play-to-Earn blockchain video game. It’s packed with a ton of interactive features, including its own entirely community-driven economy.

If you’ll recall, back in late July we announced our first blockchain game, Polychain Islands, to a lot of fan excitement. Then, in August, we followed up with our first announcement surrounding Polymon World. Today we are pleased to finally announce the official release of the Polymon World Alpha, which will be available starting December 9th.

Let’s go over the release, some of the features you might have missed and how the game economics and tokens will work.

The Polymon World Alpha Release

Polymon World is a first in the Polyverse — a complete 3D multiplayer RPG with a ton of features that let users train, fight and interact with each other and their Polymon. This Alpha release is the first official launch into the world of Polymon, which sets everyone within the first zone of the game, Avilion Island. With this release, players will be able to do the following activities in the actual game world:

  • Quests: Interact with the immersive world around you by accepting and completing different assignments. Search for items or fulfill certain goals in order to help advance your character or storyline.
  • Battles: Command your Polymon in thrilling 1-on-1 battles by challenging other wild Polymon to a clash of feats, abilities and skills.
  • PVP: Engage in person-to-person skirmishes, engaging in turn-based struggles of strength and wit against your fellow Polymon collectors.
  • Social Activities: Talk to other players, party-up, and create your own battle scenarios with friends.
  • Tutorials: Various lessons and how-to guides exist in order to help create a low barrier of entry so all willing participants can enjoy Polymon World.
  • Trade: Take advantage of our in-game NFT trading system, where players may trade and exchange tokens amongst each other.

In addition to these features, players can also look forward to a slew of other features including special Polymon interactions, voice chats, NFT creation, trading and much more.

The Battle System

One of the major in-game features that players can take advantage of will be a host of battling options. Polymon World contains a strategic battle system that relies on action points. Players will need to be creative in order to develop an advantage over their opponents.

The action point system will operate in the Alpha release as follows:

  • Action Points Gained: At the beginning of an attack phase, each player gains 3 action points. Action points are spent in order to initiate actions. They may also be saved for future rounds instead. A player may use up to three actions per turn.
  • Light Attack: This is a basic offensive action, creating a standard attack. Light Attacks take 1 point to activate per turn.
  • Heavy Attack: A stronger attack and offensive action that can do more damage than your basic Light Attack. This action costs 2 action points in order to activate.
  • Block: This action blocks all incoming attack damage during a phase and takes 2 action points to use.
  • Swap: This gives a player the ability to switch their Polymon during battle, and is accompanied by an increased chance to evade attacks for the next phase. This action takes 1 point.
  • Skip: This gives the player the ability to skip their turn without taking any actions. Skipping does not require any points to be used.

Additionally, each battle sequence will have a set number of phases, granting special opportunities to accomplish certain actions. The order of these actions are determined by the speed of the Polymon (with faster Polymon going first).

There are four unique strategies that can be used within a battle, each with its own strengths, weaknesses and strategic angles:

  • Brute: Brute strategy involves skipping battle actions in order to save up action points, giving the ability to deliver “Heavy Attacks” much more frequently. This even allows a player to use multiple heavy attacks in one turn, maximizing damage at the expense of sacrificing their own actions beforehand.
  • Defender: The Defender uses a combination of blocking attacks to minimize damage while also utilizing the 0 point Swap actions to avoid attacks. This is a great option to use when you want to conserve your Polymon’s health and fish for better match ups between Polymon on the battlefield.
  • Rusher: This strategy deals with constant attacks, most commonly in the form of light attacks, creating instability for the opponent. The Rusher strategy can be effective, capitalizing on the concept of “quantity over quality” in order to overwhelm opponents.
  • Tactician: Tacticians incorporate a delicate but powerful strategy focused around Polymon speed swaps. At the beginning of each round, the Polymon with the highest speed goes first. When utilized correctly, Tacticians can maneuver their side of the field to essentially give themselves “two turns” at once, granted the Polymon they switch out has a higher speed stat than their opponent’s.

In-Game Trading and Cosmetics

Players of Polymon World can engage and benefit from a massive amount of in-game trading capabilities. Make offers with others for NFTs and trade Polymon within the game itself through the use of trade stands. These trade stands are a method of organizing NFT markets within the game world that can attract high volume players and be used as a tool to engage other users within the community.

Players can also view, make offers, and buy these NFTs on OpenSea.

In addition to in-game trading and trade stands, Polymon World has a plethora of equipable cosmetics that can be used to create different visual experiences within the game itself. These pieces serve as an additional layer to the player experience, as different cosmetic items can be utilized by players in order to customize their character, including:

  • Six full sets of clothing (for both male and female characters).
  • Three distinct colors per set.
  • Each set consists of individual pieces, including the head, chest, waist, legs and feet.
  • Sets can be mixed and matched together in-game for a unique look.

For the first group of equipment sets that will be introduced in Polymon World, we will be minting a total of 1092 pieces of equipment. These pieces will include:

  • Rarer sets (Death Knight, Wizard, Hero), which will each feature four full collections of each available color, and
  • Common sets (Knight, Mage, Ranger), which will contain 10 full sets for each color as well.

Looking Forward

Polymon World is set to release with a variety of great features wrapped up within a graphically stunning 3D RPG experience. With different types of in-game options, such as PVP battles, quests, and trading, Polymon World is set to usher us into the newest era of the Polyverse.

The in-game NFT trading function truly enhances deep playability, and alongside customizable cosmetics and deep, strategic gameplay, we hope that there’s at least a little something that everyone will enjoy in our latest installment to the world of Polymon.

If you’re excited about our new game, click here to join the official Polymon World Discord server, where you can hangout and chat with other fans looking forward to the alpha release.

Also, feel free to click here if you’d like to take a moment to check out our Avilion Island Trade Stand collection on OpenSea, which will act as a private storefront for you to sell your NFTs to other players.

We’re extremely excited for launch day and look forward to seeing you all on the day of release!

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Polychain Monsters are beautifully animated cross-chain NFTs with varying scarcity, waiting for you to be discovered in digital booster packs. These NFTs will play an integral part in upcoming off- and on-chain games. In addition, Polychain Monsters offers DeFi features such as Staking, Farming and a unique approach to NFT Staking.

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