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November 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

This post was originally published on Origin

Creators are able to create their own NFT storefronts with Origin Story. This enables direct engagement with their audiences versus using a large generic aggregator like OpenSea. Origin will now be able to scale thousands of NFT sales at a time instead of being limited to serial high profile drops.

NFT Creators also now have the option to sell NFTs for free. Instead of taking a 15% commission, the standard rate across a variety of platforms for primary sales, we are offering a 15% OGN fee refund. This means that creators will own a stake in the Origin network and be incentivized to spread the word about Origin to their audiences. Too many creators have been locked out of NFTs by high fees and too many creators feel like they do not own a stake in the platforms that they use.

Origin Story will also give creators the power to launch their own marketplace hosted on their custom storefront. This allows them to generate secondary sales and royalties directly on a property that they control with an audience that is focused on their work.

Circulating supply is currently at 392M compared to a projected 463M tokens. The circulating supply number includes the millions of OGN staked in our staking program, reducing the actual float further. It is also important to note that almost all investor unlocks have already occurred, meaning that there will be fewer catalysts for large amounts of tokens being released onto the market in the future.

The Origin team will be in Miami for Art Basel. Art Basel is the world’s premier art conference and this year there will be a ton of NFT exhibits and events as the art world has been disrupted by NFTs. While we are there we will be connecting with potential creators and artists and onboarding them onto Origin Story.

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