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Update About Synthetics and Cross-Chain Version

Gaming Chick Preview

Dear Chicks,

How time flies!

We are now in the corner of November. During the past three months after we launched LoserChick, we focused not only on game development but also on team growth and industry research. To make sure we are on the right way to our destination, we need a clear picture of the blockchain game space. That’s why we keep running our internal share at least once every week. The topics include the infrastructures for games and metaverse, the gaming app chains, and the excellent games in the market. We also need a solid and close team to fulfill our community shared vision, so we are continuously expanding core members of EmojiDAO. Now we have three front-end developers, three backend developers, three product managers, and two designers, and we will be more in the future.

As was said in the roadmap, November is the time to launch the cross-chain version and synthetics function. And now, we will share with you all of the progress and the release date.

The first type of synthetics will be launched at the end of this week, which is called One Shot. You can use your Trump to win a chance of synthesizing a Mysterious Chick.

So what is the Mysterious Chick? Do you still remember the gaming chick we mentioned on Twitter? Now let’s see it closer; check this out chicks! https://chick.game/

Introducing Gaming Chick Avatars

There will be 10000 Gaming Chicks in total, but to make them distributed as decentralized as possible, they will be released in a long time and different ways. One Shot is one of them to get it.

There will undoubtedly be other ways to synthesize the Gaming Chicks, and we will disclose it after One Short live.

As a blockchain game, we put the core game rules on the chain. In the past months, we investigated most of the chains, and BSC has the most users. So we deployed LoserChick on the BSC testnet.

We deposited and cooked 10 Eggs at a time and minted 6 Chick NFTs finally. This process cost 12.34$ in minting and 6$ in Chainlink VRF, which is 18.34$ in total. This is the hash for minting Chick NFTs: https://testnet.bscscan.com/tx/0x15fc84bfbbcad3df8c177f7fb6721fbe5826d0290b040e098753ee3067a34d73.

Transaction details of NFT mint on Binance Smart Chain

After it was deployed, we can’t help asking a question: will users want to do this, minting six NFTs with around 20 dollars? So we want to let our community decide whether to deploy it or burn the token we reserved for the cross-chain version, which is 3,769,333 CHICK.

Let’s vote, Chicks!

Vote here: https://snapshot.org/#/loserchick.eth/proposal/0x1e4058e77a1148b389ba7df589aefae03c5aa716797bf6dafbc70f30fd1fc399

As we do more and more research in GameFi, we believe that currently, infrastructures are more crucial to boosting this field. New games emerge every single day, but there are far fewer protocols to serve and help them. So we will pivot our project.

Introducing NFT Rental Protocol for Games

The new project is called Double, a rental protocol for games. It aims to match the rental demand for land, props, characters, and wearables in games.

Let me show you an example. The land is an asset of high value in games and metaverse, but years pass by, most of the lands are desolate and uninhabited. Because the owners of the land may not be the builders. The landowners purchase the land to invest while the builders may not need to occupy the land permanently. So renting market is the best way for both of the two sides.

NFT lending and borrowing mechanism

The website for Double will be ready to share with you guys around next week. And the dapp for internal testing will be live at the end of December.

As we move forward, it’s our community that is always supporting us.

We will stick to our vision and always keep it transparent to you.

So Chicks, excited to play One Shot this week?

📩In case of queries, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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