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Rapid Road to Riches You Must Understand-Journey to 3.2x

This post was originally published on Uniarts

We are pleased to announce that the second round of voting has now ended. Second-round NFT entries are now up for auction. In this article, we take the top voted NFT, ‘All the Pending Issues Will Be Settled,’ and use it to illustrate how your auction participation can make you rich.

The “Token Mint” in the above diagram is the number of UARTs mint into this NFT by the smart contract, based on the volume of user votes. In other words, this NFT is now not only an artwork but also a financial asset. The artist, Himbad, designed its artistic value, and the minted UARTs add its financial value.

Even if you are void of artistic appreciation of such artwork, you cannot deny its financial value. When available to be traded, the minted UART can be removed from the NFT and liquidated. With that said, at a minimum, the NFT is worth 10295.9 UART.

From the standpoint of an art connoisseur, this particular NFT is even more attractive than ordinary art; the degree of its liquidity far surpasses that of traditional artwork, which is a low-frequency traded category. The aforementioned UART minted in the NFT will have sufficient liquidity to support its circulation, and since liquidity in itself adds value to an asset, this value is directly passed onto the NFT. Think of this financial value as the “money jar,” something that anyone can appreciate.

Let’s crunch some numbers. The IDO price of UART will be 0.25 USDT; And this NFT work contains 10295.9UART, valued at 2574USDT. If you are lucky enough to buy this piece for its auction starting price of 0.2wETH, about 800 USDT. It is equivalent to buying UART at a price of 0.07USDT. Compared to the price of IDO, you will have achieved asset value growth of 3.2x in a manner of minutes.

We cannot imagine it will sell for 0.2wETH. So long as you purchase it for less than its minimum value of 2574 USDT, there will be some meat on the bone. Again, this completely ignores any intrinsic artistic value created by Himbad. Based on its popularity during the voting round, this artistic value is remarkably high.

Again, we must mention that we have only focused on this winning piece — however, several other excellent NFTs are up for auction that will have similar value baked into them.

Your road to riches is neatly paved and ready for you to follow. Think you understand? If so, get started on your prosperous journey by clicking the below link:


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