A Gaming Project with the SKILLZ to Succeed!

Gaming has changed dramatically over the years from physical gaming mediums to stacking up cartridges or CDs at home.  Then on to games you buy on cloud-based platforms but don’t really ever “own.”  And finally, to the new NFT-based gaming ecosystem where you not only get to own your stuff again but also have a say in how it develops.

The latest team to join this revolution is eSKILLZ games.  Backed by over 20 years of game design and development experience, the team has the ambitious goal of releasing 10 play-to-earn(P2E), free-to-play(F2P), skill-based games over the next 5 years.


The first entry to their stable will be pool – built using cutting-edge video technologies – it promises to be both exciting and good-looking.  The player will be able to improve their gaming experience through NFT avatars and NFT items.  While designing the game, the team has always focused on four core tenets.

  1. Free-to-play, a player, can signup and immediately start playing without having to outlay anything.
  2. Play-to-earn, players can also expect to gain a decent monetary return as well as getting enjoyment from the game.
  3. Players have a real say in how the game develops over time.  Even having the opportunity to be voted into the 11-person controlling council.
  4. And of course, engagement, it is, after all, a game!

How can you earn?

There are several ways of making money while playing eSKILLZ pool,

Basic Play – During normal play, players will earn tokens through winning matches, getting great shots, sinking multiple balls in sequence, and even betting on their games.

Cues – even the basic cue can be improved through use.  Being NFTs, they can be traded to other players wanting to up their game.

  • Avatars – as with cues, your avatar can be traded in the marketplace, and the more XP you have given them, the more they will be worth.  eSKILLZ Games has just released the following press release about their avatars.

At eSkillz Games, we’re massive sports fans, but we’re also animal lovers, and we love a good pun too. So, we combined our passions and came up with Animal Athletes. Animal Athletes are Avatar NFTs that will give you special in-game bonuses. If you have an Animal Athlete as your Avatar in any of our games, you will receive a one-off XP bonus. Plus, you will also earn XP and Tokens faster, and your chances of receiving item drops will be increased. If your Avatar’s sport matches the sport in the game you’re playing, you will receive double the boost. We will start by releasing 50 Animal Athletes with more to follow. We will also be announcing a giveaway and competition soon. We will reveal more Animal Athletes in the coming weeks, but here are the first few. We hope you like them.”

  • Shaquille O'Seal
  • Mia Hammster
  • David Barkham
  • Tomcat Brady
  • Shrew Brees
  • Land – Players will have the opportunity to open their very own pool hall and customize it to attract other players to use their tables.  Of course, you will be paid by players using your table.

Now’s the time to get in!

eSKILLZ is giving away an exclusive cue to the first 3000 members on their discord channel!  Not only that, but they will also go into a draw where other cues will be handed out. 

Once the first 3000 players have joined their discord channel, they will also distribute amongst the members –

50 x “The Edge”

25 x “The Maximiser”

5 x “The Dominator”

“The Tyrant” – 1 ONLY


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