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XDEFI Wallet Booster Partnership: AMA Recap

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Learn about what separates XDEFI Wallet from the competition… while winning a special edition XDEFI Unioctopus in the process!

We had a ton of fun at the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in our official Telegram Group with XDEFI Wallet on Wednesday. In case you missed it, we’ve got a recap of the events right here for you.

Retiere from the XDEFI Wallet team was nice enough to give us some of his time in order to answer some of our community’s questions, as well as to help give away one of the first special edition XDEFI Unioctopus to a lucky participant.

All holders of the XDEFI Unioctopus are granted special utilities in the XDEFI Ecosystem.



  • Steve (@Sonicfrog77) from Polychain Monsters
  • Retiere — Partnership Manager from XDEFI Wallet

Great to have you here with us today Retiere. Are you ready to answer some questions regarding XDEFI Wallet?

Retiere: Hey, thanks for having me today! It’s a pleasure to be here. Sure, let’s begin.

Question 1: What differentiates XDEFI Wallet from its competitors?

Retiere: We get this one almost all the time 😂.

Well, compared to our competitors, XDEFI Wallet has superior cross-chain support. We are offering native integration with nine chains currently (Binance Smart Chain, Binance Chain, THORChain, Terra, Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCH, LTC and Polygon).

We are planning to add Avalanche, Solana and Arbitrum next!

Also, unlike MetaMask, we have a customizable drag-and-drop display for NFTs, a crypto on-ramp and our exclusive Ape mode to never miss a mint 👀.

Question 2: What makes XDEFI Wallet the fastest wallet in DeFi?

Retiere: I just mentioned it, our Ape Mode guarantees our users to get into the next block 99% of the time!

The Ape mode uses a gas algorithm to ensure it.

In DeFi and NFTs, speed is alpha. The faster you can get into a mint, the faster you can move across chains, the faster you can sign a transaction, the more chances you have not to miss an opportunity.

This being said, we are working on allowing our users to move as fast as possible between the different ecosystems. The first step was to enable users to store their assets from multiples chains in one place and interact with dApps.

The next step is to allow our users to move any asset from any chain to any other asset from any other chain we support within the wallet.

Question 3: I love the sound of Ape mode. XDEFI Wallet boasts a unique drag-and-drop NFT display. How do NFTs fit into XDEFI Wallet’s vision?

Retiere: NFTs have a preponderant place in our vision. We believe they will be the true difference maker bringing decentralization to the masses.

We think that wallets have a unique shot at becoming the decentralized Instagram for NFTs in the future!

Currently you can display your NFTs from the 3 EVM based networks we support. We are working on adding NFT display for Terra!

The next step is to allow send/transfer for NFTs and we plan to integrate third parties to allow private deal/OTC deal directly within the wallet. We might explore NFTs liquidity pools as well in order to give a direct access to liquidity for certain NFTs collection. All of this natively of course.

Question 4: XDEFI Wallet has had a successful IDO. Could you tell us more about $XDEFI and its benefits?

We are actually very proud of our IDO.

We wanted to involve our community as much as possible and to get many people to participate. Many IDOs end up in a gas war with a few whales getting everything. We didn’t want this to happen.

I have to say, it worked pretty well in the end. More than 10,000 community members participated in our IDO on Miso (Sushi’s launchpad) and we raised over 19M USDC!

Concerning our $XDEFI Token, we’ll add a lot of utilities to it. This is key to build a solid long term ecosystem.

Our token, designed by Delphi Digital, will power our ecosystem and has four main utilities: Staking, Governance, Building, Play to (L)earn.

Token holders will be able to stake their tokens, receive swap fee rebates, claim staking rewards and participate in governance systems.

$XDEFI will also be leveraged in the Play to (L)earn initiative scheduled to start in Q1 2022, which will incentivize users to learn how to safely use non-custodial wallets and discover new DeFi products.

I am super excited by the Play to Learn initiative. As a wallet we are the first interaction people have with Web3. It’s our duty to educate newcomers about Web3, DeFi and to make sure they are safe and stay away from scammers.

People will be able to earn $XDEFI by completing tutorials directly within the wallet 🌚.

Question 5: What’s next for XDEFI Wallet?

Retiere: A lot of things! Many surprises to come, I can’t leak all the alpha just now sadly 😬.

Yet, we will use the IDO proceeds to continue to invest in the XDEFI Wallet experience. Our short term product priorities include plans to:

1 — Deepen our existing integrations with THORChads and Lunatics and communities from all the chains we support

2 — Integrate Avalanche, Solana and Arbitrum

3 — Launch on Firefox

4 — Launch a multichain DEX aggregator within the wallet

5 — The most important: DARK MODE

To achieve these results, we intend to continue to grow the XDEFI Wallet team by recruiting top talent from across the industry.

In addition, US $1M from the IDO will be used as a grant to contribute to the xchain.js development. Xchain.js is an open-source cross-chain library!

Community Questions

Awesome answers here, let’s open up the chat for some Community Questions (Note — Only a handful are listed here due to length):

Raman: You are planning listings $XDEFI on major CEX from the top5.And When?

Retiere: We are discussing with several CEX, stay tuned for announcement. We can’t disclose anything for the moment

xperia: As a cross-chain wallet, do you plan to reach to the Newbie Crypto Users as a target audience? How easy will you try to do your wallet so people who got involved with crypto can use all the features without getting in so much trouble? Do you plan to take some feedbacks from community for UI/UX?

Retiere: From Day one we wanted to co-build our wallet with the community. In order to build the wallet you want

During our private beta we had a private community very active with beta users sharing feedback and ideas.

Currently our Discord is open 7 days per week, 24 hours a day. If you have any ideas/feedback/troubles please let us know. We’ll listen to you and help you.

Jack Stan: Can we bridge NFT to multichain?

Retiere: NFTs bridges are a hot topic. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this.

Dinc: I see it is already possible to store NFTs in XDEFI Wallet. Which Chains do XDEFI Wallet support for the NFTs? Do you plan to focus on more NFT sector?

Retiere: Yes 100% possible

We currently support ETH/BSC/Polygon and we are working on Terra.

NFT sector is key and we have resources working on this part of the wallet

Sandeep: Hi, nice collab between XDEFI and Polychain Monsters. What benefits can be expected out of this collaboration.

Retiere: Hi, we are very pleased by this collaboration!

PtE will be huge and we believe that Polychain are doing an awesome job so far. We wanted to do this collaboration for a while.

Can’t wait for the game to be out 👀

Also, small alpha for you guys, we believe utilities for NFTs to be super important. We are working on an initiative to add great utilities to all the NFTs related to our ecosystem. XDEFI Unioctopus is one of them obviously. Other examples are ThorGuards with a XDEFI hat, the NFT reward we sent to people who translated the wallet in different languages and we have others cooking!

FmonTucker: Will chrome extension be available ??

Retiere: Our Wallet is available on the Chrome Store!

Petiou: When swapping native assets? And how would you integrate Thorchain?

Retiere: Native assets swap will be available in December with Thorchain integrated natively.

Jeis: If I try to connect on a dapp and it only display METAMASK, can I still connect it to XDEFI even if there is only the MetaMask option?

Retiere: You can click on MetaMask to use your XDEFI Wallet. We are working actively to be added as a direct connection wallet on as many dApps as possible

After-AMA Quiz

Immediately following our Booster Partner AMAs, we host a five question quiz based on the information presented during the session. Each question is worth one point (awarded to a single viewer with the correct answer), and the participant with the most points by the end is awarded a special edition Polymon from our partner— a very coveted prize!

Every XDEFI Unioctopus can come in each horn shape, and has a chance at

Q1: What browsers does XDEFI Wallet currently support?
A1: Chrome and Brave

Q2: How many chains does XDEFI Wallet support?
A2: 9

Q3: What’s the name of XDEFI Wallet’s speed-boosting feature?
A3: Ape Mode

Q4: Name three of $XDEFI token’s four utilities
A4: Staking, Governance, Building, Play to (L)earn

Q5: What browser is $XDEFI Wallet planning on targeting next?
A5: Firefox

Winner: @Silas (MrWasgehtSiedasan1) — Congrats and enjoy your special edition XDEFI Unioctopus! There will be more prizes handed out during the rest of the week, so stay tuned for more events with the XDEFI Wallet team!

About XDEFI Wallet

XDEFI is the world’s fastest DeFi & NFT wallet. XDEFI Wallet users can use “Ape Mode”, an enhanced functionality that helps ensure transactions are processed in the next block, across Terra, THORchain, Ethereum and EVM blockchains. The wallet also displays NFTs from 9+ chains in a single drag-and-drop grid. XDEFI Wallet’s team of around 30 is based around the world and backed by some of the leading names in DeFi and NFTs.

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About Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters are beautifully animated cross-chain NFTs with varying scarcity, waiting for you to be discovered in digital booster packs. These NFTs will play an integral part in upcoming off- and on-chain games. In addition, Polychain Monsters offers DeFi features such as Staking, Farming and a unique approach to NFT Staking.

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