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Drunk Robots — Recap #3

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It’s been a month and a half since the last Recap, and we have prepared a new one! A lot of new things have happened during this period! But the most important thing is that everything is still ahead! Thank you, our drunkards, for your support! Together we are heading towards new exciting activities.

  1. Dashboard release
    The dashboard is a place where you can get quick access to all the main functions associated with your robot as well as access to gaming activities. And now it’s available here: app.drunk-robots.com
  2. Opening of containers
    We currently have 3432 open containers! There is still an opportunity to get the remaining ones: 54 of 77 epic and 13 of 18 legendary! The opening is available here: https://app.liquidifty.io/drunk_robots/open, but do not forget about the hold to get a bonus. And for now, it is still possible to buy a container using this link, hurry up!
  3. Partnership with Wanaka
    We have a partnership with Wanaka and are also working in this direction with other projects. In the near future, we are going to distribute mystery boxes from both projects — Drunk Robots and Wanaka at Liquidifty!
  4. Mini-game release
    We have launched our first mini-game, there are going to be 6 in total which aim at attracting a larger audience — those who are not ready to pay at the start, but who can create brand awareness and want to join the project and can do it at later stages.
  5. P2E mode in Knockout mini-game
    Together with the game release and dashboard launch, leaderboards have also become available, which means that the competitive week has already begun, and the 10 most hardcore players will receive valuable prizes.
  6. Mystery quest for 6666 containers
    We have successfully held the mystery quest, in which 300 people have took part and distributed 3 legendary guns as a reward. We have noticed that you like this activity, and therefore we are thinking of how to do it more often.
  7. Gangs update
    We currently have 13 gangs. The Harimao Robotics Club and HOA are out of the game. We are still open to new ambassadors and new gangs! Therefore, if you think that you are able to show your strength and influence, then do your best, we are waiting for you in Los Machines apply now!
  8. Team update
    We have hired a lead game designer who previously worked for Ubisoft and other game development companies, in addition to this, we are expanding our staff with unity developers in order to provide you with better and more diverse products.
  9. 7,000 containers
    We are approaching the mark of 7,000 containers sold, which means that you have less and less chances of getting a robot, especially a legendary or epic one.
  10. Discord referral campaign
    We have launched a competition for a month to attract new people to the discord community! Join it before it’s too late.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!

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