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MCP: Revision Notes

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Nov 19 · 2 min read

Thank you all for your valuable input and feedback on version 0.1 of the MCP. We have taken your feedback onboard. The notes below cover the various updates to each revised version of the MCP, for tracking purposes.

Please see the latest version of the MCP here, which incorporates the below updates.

MCP Version 0.1 — First Look

Released: 29 Oct 2021

View v0.1 of the MCP here — Note this article has been superseded by v0.2

MCP Version 0.2 — Revision Notes

Updated: 18 Nov 2021

  • Drop Lottery
  • Set Points
  • Collectible SR Points
  • Comics Points
  • Comic Series Points
  • Point Limitations

The MCP Drop Lottery is now the MCP Drop Raffle. Instead of bidding individual Points, Collectors will now purchase Drop Raffle Tickets with their Points. Drop Raffle win probability will increase with the number of raffle tickets purchased. Additionally, any Collector who is not successful in the Drop Raffle will have their Points returned.

Set Points have been slightly reduced, from a maximum of 6 Points to 5 Points, as they gave too much advantage to those on the Collectible & Sets track compared with those collecting just Comics, for example.

We recognize the value and effort required to obtain a Collectible SR (non-Comic) — unless you are lucky enough to score one on a Drop! As such, Points for Collectible SRs have been increased from 0.5 Points to 5 Points.

The low-mint collectible bonus has been updated from sub #150 to sub #300.

We acknowledge the MCP v0.1 Comic Points were not as balanced as they could have been for Collectors who focus on collecting Comics. As such, the Comic points have been revised. For example — Collectors will now get 0.25 Points for a Common, and up to 6 points for a Secret Rare Comic.

Comic low-mint Points + 0.5 Points earned for the 5% lowest mint Comic available to the public (excludes any Comics allocated to VeVe).

The Comic Series Points have been removed from the points table as the Comic daily Points have now been increased.

Point limitations have been included in the MCP Overview which outlines measures to prevent the Point system from being gamed.

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