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Welcome to the Bark Side

This post was originally published on Don't Buy Memes

It was only a matter of time before the $MEME token adopted a meme token supply. The MEMEX team is proud to announce our new platform currency, MEME Inu. The $MEME token will be converted at a rate of 1:100,000.

This is the beginning of a new era for the $MEME community. We are going back and doubling down on our roots, embracing our meme side. This the start of our journey together. In December, we’ll officially launch the MEMEX platform on Fantom. We hope you enjoy the time until then.

Tomorrow evening, November 19th EST, the $MEME swap will go live at swap.dontbuymeme.com. Early swappers will be rewarded ;).



Can I swap back to the legacy token?

No, the old tokens will be burned. This is a one-way swap.

What happens if I don’t have access to my tokens right now?

That’s OK, there is no deadline for the swap. You can swap to the new token at any time.

What should I do if I have my tokens on an exchange?

You will need a Web3 wallet like MetaMask to interact with the website. The token will not be split on exchanges, you will have to withdraw from the exchange and hold the token in your personal wallet.

Please note, we are currently in talks with OKEX to support the split. Updates will be announced once this has been officially confirmed by OKEX.

Will you still support $MEME tokens on the Ethereum network?

Yes, “staking” will be supported cross chain. However, LP tokens will only be supported/incentivized on Fantom.

Where can I buy the $MEME token if I don’t already own it?

You can buy the original token on Uniswap. Please note, liquidity will move to another pair on Friday after the launch. Will announce the new pair once the new token is live.


  • 3,080,000,000 Tokens
  • 280 million tokens, 10% of the supply, will go to the MEMEX treasury. The funds will not be moved or distributed until agreed upon with the community via DAO proposal.
  • The tokens will split at a rate of 1:100,000

Early Swap Reward

  • The first 300 users to swap a minimum of 5 legacy $MEME tokens will receive early mint access into an upcoming PFP drop from MEMEX.
  • The earliest LP providers on the new $MEME/$FTM pair will receive a future airdrop from the team.

How to Swap

Step 1: Visit swap.dontbuymeme.com

Step 2: Enter the amount of $MEME you want to swap

Step 3: Approve Contract

Step 4: Click “Swap” to confirm the transaction

How to Unstake

Step 1: Go to dontbuymeme.com

Step 2: Click “My Farms”

Step 3: Click “View” on the farm you want to unstake from

Step 4: Click “Manage Stake”

Step 5: Untoggle “Stake” to “Withdraw”

Step 6: Click “Max”

Step 7: Click “Withdraw” to confirm the transaction

Please reach out to us in telegram if you have any issues in the process. Welcome to the next chapter for $MEME. Hope you enjoy.

Be fruitful and multiply 🍍 🐕


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