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The First Fully Virtual NFT Exhibition at Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum has launched its first fully virtual NFT exhibit, featuring more than 100 unique digital collectibles from the museum’s permanent collection called “Invisible Aether”.

The exhibition exists entirely in the virtual world. This allows the exhibition to be enjoyed by art lovers anywhere on Earth for free, via PC, smartphones and VR clients.

This is an art exhibit for fans of Art that’s worth a look. It takes place in a metaverse-style open world and features the artwork of some of the best digital artists in the world. None of the artworks is for sale, and the entire show is about people’s interest in creating their own NFT Art.

An exhibit of digital art is on display and includes work from Cryptokitties, Hackatao, Larva Labs, Kevin McCoy, and more. You can explore the virtual world and see these works for yourself. All pieces of art are “returned” to their respective owners.

Creating this amazing project was possible through the collaboration of organizations such as Hermitage, Ahead.io and the Aksenov Family Foundation. Others include Masters Digital, and Snark.art.

The popularity of the project will determine whether the exhibition at Hermitage will continue. Therefore, we ask you to jump on in and make your presence count.

This exceptional exhibition is live now and will run until December 10.

To visit the Invisible Aether Exhibition click Here

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