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Satoshi arrives on IMX

Satoshi: Master of Disguise (SMoD) is the first release from Blockchain comics. The NFT collection is built on Immutable X chain. It seeks to have the same impact as other such projects built on IMX; Moody krows, and Astrobros, which have all recently sold out in record time.

Layer 2 protocol

It’s clear the new trend in NFT’s, is targeting layer 2 protocols, of which Immutable X are the front runners. With its lightning fast transactions and Zero gas costs, it’s easy to see why. And SMoD are well positioned among this new wave to utilize these game changing features for their project.

Satoshi: Master of disguise is a collection of 10,000 avatars minted over 6 layers with 185 different traits. Each layer is minted separately thanks to the well publicized Zero gas fees on the Immutable X chain. After speaking with the project it was made clear that this is just the beginning for Satoshi. They are looking to revamp the comic book industry, offering something fresh and unique to the superhero dominated space.

The story behind Satoshi

What Will stand out to crypto lovers immediately, is SMoD’s focus on the protagonist Satoshi. In an allusion to the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi is set in a world which lovers of the cryptocurrency revolution will know all too well. It is a novel perspective with an encouraging satirical comedy that underlines the more serious day-to-day issues that the cryptocurrency was designed to address. We should expect to see more familiar characters that have been a part of the crypto craze as the project develops. 

Satoshi is certainly here to stay, and the funky graphic novel-style artwork is sure to make him stand out from the crowd. Lovers of the project will be able to purchase their very own Satoshi in SMoD’s upcoming sale. Keep an eye on this one, the future looks bright for SMoD and Blockchain Comics.

More details can be found on their website and in Their discord. Currently, the whitelist for the presale is open and can be accessed via the project’s discord group..

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