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tofuNFT Booster Partnership: AMA Recap

This post was originally published on polkamon

We had a blast at yesterday’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) & quiz in our official Telegram Group with the team behind tofuNFT. In case you missed it, we summarized the whole event in this blog post.

At the end of the AMA, we did a quiz consisting of 5 questions. It was a close race, but one well-prepared winner received the rampaging tofu Unizilla!

AMA Recap


  • Steve (CM) from Polychain Monsters
  • RJ (CEO) of SCV Finance (tofuNFT)


Steve: Hey there @rrjyo great to have you with us.

RJ: Thank you @sonicfrog77 My pleasure to be here!

Steve: Great to have you here, I’m sure your team never sleeps you guys are always on the ball, let’s get right into it and I will ask a few questions to begin with before letting the community loose on you 😎

RJ: Haha. Sure. I’m a noob for AMAs. Please help me get through 😂

Steve: AH it will be fine, haha. Let’s fire on. Q1: Please tell us something about tofu and what distinguishes it from the other marketplaces.

RJ: The simple answer is, it’s built for games at its root. When we build the SCV NFT market, we are also building our own blockchain game around our character, a small engineering robot called SCV. So the marketplace itself was designed to be friendly to GameFi projects in the very first place. And I believe those early PMON traders on the SCV market would agree. And we stopped building the game. Because we found we can just serve you guys here well by making a better marketplace 😉

Now we have features like:

  • Find similar: You can find all similar NFTs and check their listing prices
  • Rarity display: Show how rare some attributes are
  • Direct Contact: A safe and easy to use way to help users communicate on Telegram without exposing their IDs in the first place
  • Non-custodial and gas-free listing: Your items on sale stay in your wallet and can be moved anywhere you want. And you don’t have to pay for the listing.
  • Realtime notification: We push notifications to Telegram, which is much faster and has fewer privacy issues than emails

That’s it 😉 for Q1

Steve: Q2: Rebranding is not easy and primarily hazardous. Can you share some background on rebranding SCV to tofuNFT with us?

RJ: Yes. It’s a hard decision for us too. A simple answer is that we want to grow bigger and serve more people. SCV is not an easy-to-remember name for most people. It’s spelled like CSV, SVC, etc. 🙈 And in most cases, people don’t know what it is by its name. We have had the V2 marketplace undergoing development for a long time, and around two weeks before its private beta release, we decided to switch the name from SCV V2 to tofuNFT.

Steve: I can relate to this. I’ve seen it so many times it confuses people.

RJ: 🤣 Yes I’m sure you’ve seen that.

Steve: Q3: tofu’s still in its beta. Do we have something more to expect in the near future?

RJ: Yes. Quite a lot. First, to encourage our users to migrate to tofu and try its new features, we’ll start a 100% cashback campaign for tofu. We will pick 100 users who traded on tofuNFT before Nov 20th and return all fees they paid on tofuNFT between Oct 21th and Nov 20th. And for new features, we have these upcoming.

Rarity explorer: You can find those rare and unlisted ones through this tool and can make offers on them.

Multi-chain support, Buy/Sell in ERC20/BEP20 tokens, List NFTs as a bundle, NFT Swapping, and a large bunch of UI/UX enhancements … That’s my answer for Q3.

Steve: I know for sure the top one here would be bundle sales its the most talked about feature people want.

RJ: Yes. We 100% heard that a lot from our users.

Steve: Awesome. Q4: I think many may be curious about the team behind tofu. Can you tell us more about that?

RJ: Sure. We are a team of 10+ people located in Tokyo.👺 We’ve been building crypto-related services since 2017. Our app “CoinView” is the most downloaded crypto portal app in Japan, with 1M+ users. We are working on introducing PMON to more Japanese players around us. Is that enough 😉

Steve: Wow this is awesome stuff RJ. You and your team always go above and beyond it’s great to see. Now the next question I’m sure you have heard 1000 times already so you will no doubt manage to reply pretty quickly to this one 😎


Steve: Q5: Will tofuNFT release its own token in the future? What will happen to SCV and its holders?

RJ: Haha, this is indeed a “FAQ.” We currently have no plan to create another BEP20 token for tofuNFT at the moment. And SCV stakers can enjoy the market fee discount on tofu. All the DeFi related features of SCV token, like farming and LP staking, will be unchanged. Even in the future, when we need to incentivize tofu users to bring the platform to a new level, we would choose to do so by using NFTs.

Steve: This sounds like a really cool idea considering the platform is NFT based.

RJ: You got me exactly.

Steve: Now that is my Questions out of the way, are you ready to get hit by a Tsunami of Questions from the Community?

I will open the chat up for a minute or two then close it again for you to choose some to answer

RJ: Let me try my best 😝

Open Questions

RJ: Thank you, guys… I can’t catch up now 😅 Allow me to choose 5 of your questions to answer.

Steve: I will let you go through these Rj and answer the ones you want, some have already been covered in the AMA.

Q1: As you said, “Your items on sale stay in your wallet and can be moved anywhere as you want.” If I can move them anywhere I want, then how can sales happen, if I for example send it to another wallet or sell it anywhere else? How does the security system work in this case?

A: The system will know you moved the token. And all related sales will be canceled. And unlike PCS, our smart contract won’t take the NFT out of your wallet. On PCS, you need to pay gas to list and pay gas to get it off a listing.

Q2: Hi RJ 👊 Big fan of tofuNFT here. So far tofuNFT has differentiated itself with its intuitive UI, innovations in auction methodology, and great team. Can you share with us how the team plans to continue improving long term so that it remains above competition such as pancakeswap? がんばって!!

A: Thanks, Gram. We have no way but to keep innovating. We didn’t get killed by Binance and neither will we be killed by PCS. As I mentioned above, PCS actually has many unreasonable designs in its system. I hope they can think more for the users in their next upgrade.

Q3: Why the name Tofu? Is it because it’s an amazing vessel for flavor? 😂

A: How many people have eaten tofu? Yes, it’s Asian cuisine. It has almost no taste, it’s like white paper, without any decoration. The marketplace should just work like that. We should be supportive of all NFT projects on the platform. We think tofu is a great metaphor for that. And besides that, we are from Japan, we just love tofu as a food. OK. 2 more questions to go.

Q4: Hackers and scammers are very much active. Can you please give some information about the Security system of Tofu NFT? How safe is Tofu NFT especially for long-term investors? How will you protect your investors?

A: For NFT marketplaces, the risk is not that huge compared to DeFi. When you sell something, you will definitely receive your money, which is assured by the smart contract. The biggest threat I have seen was phishing. Not sharing your seed or private key with anyone will be almost enough if you only trade NFTs. DeFi and other products will be totally stories.

Q5: What will happen to the old marketplace scv.finance when the switch is done to tofu all of the offers will be delisted and it will be impossible to create new ones?

A: OK this one is the last one. And it’s a very important one for all of us. We are going to close the new “sell/auction” function on SCV in 1–2 weeks. From then on, no new items will appear on SCV. All listed ones, as long as they are valid (you didn’t move the token to another wallet), they can be bought by others. As we are a non-custodial marketplace, we don’t take your NFT out of your wallet, so you can list your NFT both on SCV and tofu. And I would like to call you guys here to start listing on tofu from today. Because if we split, both buyers and sellers are lesser than before, and it’ll be hard for you to make the deal. And we have the fee cashback waiting 😉

Steve: Good luck to the top 100 people who manage to get this. Thanks a lot for taking so much time to answer all of our questions! I really appreciate that. Let’s move over to the last part of this event: the Quiz!

We’ve prepared 5 questions about tofuNFT for you today. The first correct answer will score a point. After five questions, the person with the most points will win. In case of a draw, we will ask a final question among the finalists.

The winner will win a tofu Unizilla. I will open the chat for everyone now. Please stay quiet until I post one of the questions. Otherwise, we might disqualify you


Q1: What is the highest price of Polychain Monsters sold on SCV/tofu?
A1: 250 BNB Black UniAqua

Q2: Do you know what tofu is?
A2: Food

Q3: Do you know how many Monsters have been traded on SCV/tofu?
A3: 130,932

Q4: tofu’s auction system is unique. Can you tell us what its unique feature is?
A4: 5% bonus for losing bid (the first bidder if they get outbid gets a profit from the next bidder)

Q5: The person who best describes this error image in the closest detail wins the next point ……….
A5: Tofu afraid of being cooked with soya sauce.

Final: What’s the color of the tofu Unizilla?
Answer: Beasty Green

Winner: lucaka

About tofuNFT

tofuNFT is a fully featured decentralized marketplace for buying, selling and trading NFTs, created by SCV.Finance, and deployed on multiple blockchains.

tofuNFT is designed to be easy to use, yet highly optimized for efficient trading. It is a successor of SCV’s NFT Marketplace, which started as a side project of SCV.Finance to serve the SCV NFT holders as a place to exchange rare NFTs from blindboxes, and then grew rapidly into one of the top NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain with the highest trading volume.

tofuNFT is a completely rewritten NFT market based on the experience from SCV’s NFT Marketplace. It inherits all the advantages, like fast loading and advanced filters, and at the meantime equipped with many new features and enhancements.

To learn more about how is tofuNFT different from the previous SCV NFT Marketplace, read the detailed comparison sheet here.




About Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters are beautifully animated cross-chain NFTs with varying scarcity, waiting for you to be discovered in digital booster packs. These NFTs will play an integral part in upcoming off- and on-chain games. In addition, Polychain Monsters offers DeFi features such as ERC-20 & BEP-20 PMON, as well as NFT staking.


tofuNFT (BSC)
OpenSea (ETH)

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