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Confirmed: 0N1 Force at Comic-Con!

This post was originally published on 0N1Force

For the first time in its 50-year history, Comic-Con is officially inviting and endorsing a discussion around NFTs at its upcoming events in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The 0N1 Force team is pleased to announce that 0N1 Force has been invited to attend both San Diego and Los Angeles Comic-Cons in 2021 for several conference events.

Comic style art by 0N1 Force artist Cromagnus.
  1. 0N1 Force has been invited to participate in an NFT popup “gallery” curated in-part by the 0N1 Force team.
  2. 0N1 Force has been invited to host an exclusive NFT party at a prime rooftop location on Saturday, November 27 with leaders from the NFT and entertainment space.
  3. 0N1 Force has been invited to have TWO 0N1 speakers in the first ever, all NFT based Comic-Con panel called “The ABCs of NFTs,” with a star-studded lineup including: Frank Miller (Artist for Daredevil, Batman, Sin City, 300), Jason Brink (President of Blockchain for Gala Games), Lady PheOnix (Beeple Talent Manager and Founder of Club Crypto Basel), Rob Prior (Pop Artist and Performance Painter) and Jeff Hamilton (Celebrity Designer and Creator).

0N1 Force has also been invited to have a party and a panel at the Los Angeles Comic-Con the following week, December 3–5, 2021.

Comic style art by 0N1 Force artist Cromagnus.

The 0N1 Force team is so excited to share this news with you all, and will have more details soon. As you can imagine, the team is very busy preparing for these events, in addition to BO0N1 LAND at NFT.nyc, to ensure 0N1 Force shows up with strength, style and spirit.

0N1 Force hopes to see some of you in New York and California this winter.

—Your 0N1 Force Team

For those who aren’t familiar with what Comic-Con is, please google: What is Comic-Con?

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