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Lucky HECO Phase III

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Everything about the event rules and schedule

Event Details:

The event will begin at 9:00pm October 18th and end on October 24th at 4:00pm (UTC).

CryptoBlades will be taking part in the Lucky Heco Phase 3 by providing 5,000 unique NFTs to everyone joining the event starting today!

👉 How to join the fun:

Click on the Wish List to fill the following information and participate in the NFT airdrop:

  • Your Huobi Global UID: UID is your account ID of Huobi Global.
  • Address on HECO Chain: The address on the HECO Chain is a blockchain one generated by the decentralized wallet, which is also the address used for the NFT airdrop this time. Please note that it is not the charging or withdrawing address of Huobi Global, but your personal address for transferring money, charging, and using Dapp on the HECO Chain. If you need any help, please follow the Tutorial on Creating HECO Address

NOTE: Link the wallet and the game platform to complete a contract interaction, after which you can have a higher winning rate!

💰 Winners will be listed by Huobi Global at the end of the event.

⚔️ Here are the Chances of winning in this event

Common (1 Star Sword) — 44 %

Uncommon (2 Star Sword) — 35 %

Rare (3 Star Sword) — 15 %

Epic (4 Star Sword) — 5 %

Legendary (5 Star Sword) — 1 %


1. What’s Heco?

HECO Chain is an EVM-compatible public chain with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment for DApps, smart contracts, and digital assets. The native digital asset of the Huobi ecological chain is HT, which adopts the consensus mechanism of HPOS. For now, over 200 developers have joined HECO, with an average of 4 million+ transactions per day and 100,000 + active addresses per day.

2. What’s Cryptoblades?

Cryptoblades is a play-to-earn, web-based, roleplaying game (RPG) that enables players to fight opponents with an in-game NFT character and weapon that earns real-world rewards. These rewards are given in SKILL, which is the native token of CryptoBlades. Gamers can use these tokens to either update their non-fungible token (NFT) characters and weapons or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. SKILL can also be acquired by participating in raids and upcoming PVP mode.

3. What’s Huobi global?

Huobi Global is a global blockchain asset financial services provider established in 2013 which has a wide range of services including asset exchange, trading, wallet, and storage.

Instructions on Winning:

HECO Chain divides all participating HECO addresses into three wish pools and then extracts a random number.

Link the wallet with a gaming platform to complete a contract interaction and increase your chances of winning.

Risk Description:

Please keep your wallet’s private key and mnemonics well preserved and do not provide them to anyone! This is the only way to control assets on the chain.

Do not use wallets to interact with NFTs from unknown sources, i.e. invoking contracts, etc.


Huobi Global does not endorse any platforms or its projects on the HECO Chain. If you see a platform that promotes products in the name of Huobi Global, please contact HECO Chain in time to file a complaint.

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ApeSwap | MEXC Global | PancakeSwap | XT.COM | Gate.io | LBank | CoinEx | BKEX | Bitrue

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