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Crypto Against Society NFT Sale Starts October 28th

Crypto Against Society will launch the public sale for their NFT collection on October 28th through the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is inspired by Cards Against Humanity, and contains references to cryptocurrency, wallstreetbets, and gamestop popular culture. A total of 10000 NFTs will go up for sale with tokens representing a unique combination of black prompt and white response cards.

Starting from Thursday October 28th at 5:00 pm ET, cryptocurrency, wallstreetbets, and gamestop fans can join in on the public sale. The 10000 tokens will go on sale at a price of 0.08 ETH and will have a 20 mint per transaction limit.

CAS nft

Each NFT is unique from the rest, as is the case with all NFTs. Each combination of black prompt and white response card will only occur once.

Some of the NFTs in the collection are even considered especially rare. The white cards branded with an orange and red colored logo (mythic) are the rarest in the set, with only 20 of the 250 white cards carrying this rarity.

The project has begun to reveal some example NFTs from the set on Twitter and other social media platforms. NFT enthusiasts interested in the collection are encouraged to follow the project’s Twitter for daily reveals through the October 28 launch. You can read more about the collection here.

Crypto Against Society prompts

Accepting Community Card Submissions

The Crypto Against Society NFT project is also interested in card suggestions from the community.

Although a base set of 10000 tokens have already been generated from a set of 50 black prompt cards and 250 white response cards, the creators believe the collection will be even more entertaining by letting the community submit some of their own ideas.

Community white response cards will additionally be branded with a unique colored logo to specially represent them in the final set. For those interested in participating in this unique crowdsourcing approach, the project is looking to reward excellent card submissions and community builders with free tokens from a reserve of 100.

Website; https://www.cryptoagainstsocietynft.com/

Twitter; https://twitter.com/CrptAgnstSciety

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