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Along with the Gods NFT Pre-Staking Event

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Hold PLAYZ NFTs in your wallet for a chance to win PLA rewards


Oct 15 · 4 min read

Hello PlayDapp Gamers!

In anticipation of our Play-to-Earn server launch for our Mobile RPG ‘Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn’, which introduces NFT staking and PLA rewards for playing the game and completing tasks, we’re holding a special event to reward Polygon PLAYZ NFT holders with PLA and get players ready for Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn!

Before we explain the pre-staking event, just a reminder that you should check out our Pre-Registration Event from the link below and pre-register for awesome rewards when the new Play-to-Earn server launches!

In the NFT Pre-Staking Event players will be rewarded for holding the necessary NFTs to stake and earn PLA from Along with the Gods. Simply by holding these NFTs in your wallet you’ll have a chance to be rewarded with PLA until the event period ends on 11/12/2021 via daily wallet snapshots at UTC 00:01. The first day to start earning rewards from is Monday 18th, so make sure you have the right NFT in your wallet ready to win.

Your rewards will acumliate over seven days. With each snap shot assigning you the day’s rewards. You’ll automatically be entered into the reward pool for the equivalent NFT you hold. PLA to USD dollar conversion has been set at the value of PLA on Coinbase at 2021–10–13 at 09.30 UTC.

We’ll pick 160 random wallet addresses (only one wallet per verified email is eligible) to win each week. PLA rewards will be paid out weekly, subject to validation (which may take up to seven days), any delay will be announced via PlayDapp’s communities.

Each week’s winners will be announced via our communities as well as a final round-up announcement at the end of the event.

This PLAYZ NFT event is a great warm-up to real staking in Along with the Gods. The perfect chance to get used to the idea of holding and NFT and unlocking rewards for doing so.

This event is focused on the PlayDapp polygon marketplace, we’ll be running an event for the PlayDapp Ethereum marketplace soon, so be on the lookout for that!

How do you get PLAYZ NFTs?

You can purchase PLAYZ NFTs from the PlayDapp Polygon Marketplace, by merging and upgrading lower grade NFTs and later by purchasing from the Pre-sale Event page.

Event recap:

  1. Hold the specific NFTs to unlock reward PLA.You’ll be automatically entered into the correct reward pool based on the NFT you hold.
  2. The first day to start earning is Monday 18th UTC 00:01.
  3. Each day at UTC 00:01 PlayDapp will take a snapshot of NFT held by wallets.
  4. The NFT you hold at the snapshot time will determine your reward pool.
  5. 160 winners will be selected randomly each week, and rewards sent.
  6. Only one wallet address per validated email address will be eligible to win.
  7. Obvious manipulation of the marketplace, eg creating multiple emails with a singular character distinguisher will result in removal from rewards.

How will PLAYZ NFT be used?

When it launches, the new Along with the Gods Play-to-Earn server will allow players to earn PLA from daily tasks by staking 3 SR Polygon PLAYZ NFTs, while you can earn PLA from PvP by staking one SSR NFT. Participating in this pre-staking event will give you a head-start and reward you with PLA!

We hope you’re as excited about the Play-to-Earn upgrade coming to Along with the Gods as we are! Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this awesome event and earn yourself some PLA while getting a head start on Play-to-Earn!

You can read more about the upcoming Play-to-Earn launch here:

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