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Star Atlas In-Game Play: Conquest as an ONI fighter

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Train hard, arm yourself to the teeth and dominate a vast metaverse while earning ATLAS

Combat-Ready Fighters Boarding a Pearce F4 /// Star Atlas In-game Player-Owned Assets /// Fully Immersive Metaverse Experience

Star Atlas’s intergalactic journey begins with your choice to join one of three major factions — The MUD Territory governed by humankind, the ONI Region as a consortium of alien races, and the Ustur Sector controlled by sentient androids. Players are free to permanently choose a faction they will represent and fight for.

Getting ready to battle with your own ship

Imagine you represent the ONI Region and are engaged in a territorial conquest. Every battle needs a battleship and a crew to support its adventures. Aside from completing missions, players can use ATLAS, the in-game currency, to initially purchase a set of ships, crew, components through NPC merchants or peer-to-peer transactions. Every in-game component is an NFT — which means that you are free to sell them on supported marketplaces easily. You can monetize your ships in a myriad of ways, but few feel as satisfactory as the way of the warrior.

Combat Zones for all types of players

Arming your ship and crew for battle

If you are thirsty for battle and glory, you can mark your stance as aggressive to signal you’re seeking a challenge. With the right combination of crew and ship equipment, you will be able to mow down enemy ships, land, and space in combat. Victory comes with rewards — you are free to take some spoils from the enemy ships you shoot down. The salvaged components and crew members you find are in the form of NFTs, which are freely tradeable and monetizable in the Star Atlas metaverse, which means both in and outside the game.

Bust of the Legendary Leader Bekalu /// Star Atlas In-game Character /// Multidimensional Gameplay Lore

Dominate rival factions with governance

Life as a fighter in Star Atlas

Star Atlas gives players multiple ways to be a champion. How will you choose to conquer the metaverse?

Haven’t seen the Star Atlas Trailer yet? Watch below:


Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol established a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit StarAtlas.com and join a faction at Play.StarAtlas.com.


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