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Play Crazy Defense Heroes and Earn YGG Tokens

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Animoca Brands has partnered with Yield Guild Games to include YGG tokens as a rewards to players of the tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes. Gamers who manage to gather 750.000 XP before the end of November, will share TOWER and YGG rewards.

The play-to-earn community of Yield Guild Games and Animoca Brands have announced a $50.000 prize pool of TOWER and YGG tokens. Only those with 750.000 or more XP earned between October 1st and November 30th, will earn a share of this prize pool. This earning opportunity is on top of the regular monthly play-to-earn TOWER rewards.

The campaign offers 4 reward tiers, but only the 4th tier includes the token prizes:

  1. 100.000 XP – Premium Battle Chest
  2. 250.000 XP – VIP Battle Chest + Premium Battle Chest
  3. 500.000 XP – Epic Battle Chest + VIP Battle Chest + Premium Battle Chest
  4. 750.000 XP – Epic, VIP and Premium Battles Chests + a share of the TOWER and YGG prize pool

The exact amount of your earnings depends on the number of people qualifying for the prize. The more reach it, the smaller your prize. For your info, I player Crazy Defense Heroes and generate roughly 290.000 XP per month. I will need to step my game up to qualify for the TOWER and YGG prize pool.

How to be eligible for the TOWER and YGG tokens

  1. Join the Discord of both YGG and TOWER
  2. Download Crazy Defense Heroes for iOS or Android
  3. Log in to the game using email, social or phone number
  4. Then link your Game User ID to a Metamask wallet on the official website
  5. Make sure you register before November 30th
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