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The ultimate guide to Axie Infinite Part I — How to choose the best Axie?

This post was originally published on Wombat

The ultimate guide to Axie Infinite Part I — How to choose the best Axie?

First, the play-to-earn space emerged, forever changing how people play games — and how they perceive gaming. Then Axie Infinity was released, and with it, blockchain games have taken a huge leap forward.

Refreshing mechanics, the actual value for the players, high replayability and well-tuned balance are only a few of the things people typically praise Axie Infinity for. And today, we’ll get you ready to join the ranks of Axie owners!

In this part of our Axie Infinity series, we will cover the basic anatomy of Axies and how to use it to your advantage. Follow our blog to get a first look at part II where we will uncover some battle strategies!

What makes an Axie?

All Axies contain at least 60% of pure cuteness, but where do the remaining 40% go to? To start with, all of your Axies are born with a specific class — kinda like Pokemon and their types! These classes affect Axies’ strength and weakness against other classes, their initial stats and battle moves, or cards.

There are nine Axie classes in total. All of them are vulnerable to damage dealt by some of the other classes. The basic scheme of things looks something like that:

All Axie classes and their advantages over each other

Classes do not exclusively define Axies in general. Body parts and battle cards also belong to a class. With that, you can diversify your combat strategies and potentially score an Axie with dominant stats that make it easier for you to assign it a role in your team.

Axies always have a different set of battle cards. Typically, they have different body parts too — but every now and then you can see pure Axies, whose six body parts have the same class as they do.

The role of the battle cards is more or less clear — you might ask then, what do body parts do?

Body parts amplify your Axie’s stats. There are four of them in total: Health or HP, Skill, Morale and Speed.

Axie’s body parts, cards and stats
  • Health points determine how much damage your Axie can take in battle
  • Speed defines your Axie’s turn during battle rounds. Faster Axies make their move first.
  • Higher Morale increases your Axie’s chance to land a critical hit
  • Skill helps Axies deal additional damage during combo attacks

Various body parts amplify Axies stats differently. For example, Aquatic body parts boost speed by 3 and Health — by 1.

How to use this information?

If you’re mainly interested in the arena section of the game, you will need these stats to identify the ultimate team. Ideally, you would need to have one tank in the front and two attacking Axies.

The best Axie team: a Plant tank Axie and two attackers

Tanks have high health and typically mainly support and healing battle cards. Their role is to absorb damage, shielding the other team members, bolster charge or pick them up if they took a hit.

Attackers on the other hand, can have slightly more varied constellations of stats. For example, you might be looking for an Axie with high Speed and Morale for a chance to deal a near-fatal blow within the very beginning of a battle. Alternatively, you might opt-in for a Morale + Skill build to save up energy for brutal combo attacks.

If you don’t see yourself rising to glory through combat but are rather in this game for sales, you’ll need to pay close attention to extremities:

  • There is a market for pure Axies, especially for the Plant class, as they make nearly perfect tanks
  • On the other hand, Axies with diverse sets of battle cards that work together extremely well will always be valuable

Wrapping it up…

You are now ready to answer the call of Axie Nation — but which path will you take? If you’re looking to compete for high scores in the arena or swiftly pass through the story mode, then stick around — next time, we’ll be covering battle strategies!

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