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Polychain Monsters partners with Unirexcity.

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Special Unirex NFTs are coming to Polymon Collectors!

We know you love sneak peeks! That’s why we shared a sketch of an all-new Polymon with you on Twitter two weeks ago, asking you with whom we would be partnering for this special edition!

A few of you answered with the uprising NFT project @unirexcity … Although you were slightly wrong (more on this next week), you did our community great favor, as this lucky coincidence led to a quick chat, a great call, and an actual partnership with Unirexcity.

Big thanks to our amazing community!

Of course, we can’t disclose with whom we’re partnering for the new “Unizilla” this week. Still, to already get you hyped, we’re thrilled to announce that the first five people discovering the special-edition Unizilla in booster packs will receive an ultra-rare Unirex Polychain Monsters NFT on Solana.

Witness the rise of Unirexes

Unirexes are a natural evolution of the human race. Unfortunately, humans took their chance, lost their way & derailed humanity off of the rails. Unirexes now have the opportunity to do better on the Solana chain.

The population of Unirexcity has 11,111 unique characters who are still fixing human mistakes & making their own along the way. Minting starts on October 14th at 7.00 pm CET (9.00 pm UTC) for 2 SOL on Solana.

Priming the term “Own to Earn,” Unirexcity is all about paying NFT owners royalties for unirexes featured in one of our future products (NFT Comic books, NFT Gaming, etc.)

Don’t miss this chance and check out their recently published guide to learn more about their creative team, novel design & backstory, as well as their upcoming launch on Solana and unique own-to-earn approach!

To be prepared for Unirexcity’s upcoming launch, the team put together all you need to know on Twitter:

Join The Unirexcity Community

Last but not least, don’t forget to join the amazing Unirexcity community:


About Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters are beautifully animated cross-chain NFTs with varying scarcity, waiting for you to be discovered in digital booster packs. These NFTs will play an integral part in upcoming off- and on-chain games. In addition, Polychain Monsters offers DeFi features such as ERC-20 & BEP-20 PMON, as well as NFT staking.


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