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Onessus Announced NFT-powered Virtual World NiftyVille

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Blockchain dapp development studio Onessus has announced NiftyVille, an NFT-powered virtual world that combines elements of Grand Theft Auto with tokenized assets. The game will launch soon, featuring NFTs on the Ethereum network. According to the developers the game will fun for both casual and competitive players.

Onessus describes NiftyVille as a play-to-earn open-world MMO. While their previous projects, including HodlGod, tapped into the Wax blockchain, NiftyVille will utilize Ethereum. The game will offer players all kinds of opportunities for action-packed gameplay, ranging from demolition derbies to street races and zombie parties. There will be events initiated by the developers, but players can also organize their own events.

Players will be able to have their own business inside NiftyVille, and they can take on any role they desire. Players can own shops, which means they can earn NiftyCoins and the opportunity to sell exclusive NFTs. For example, buy a car dealership and you will receive exotic car NFTs available only to you.

To celebrate the launch of NiftyVille, Onessus will give away a real-life lambo. They will mint 999 exotic car NFTs when the game launches, and the player who holds the most will receive the real Lamborghini.

The Onessus ecosystem uses VOID tokens, which mainly exist on the Wax blockchain. Even though the studio used the $VOID tag in their announcement tweet, it’s unknown where NiftyVille will tap into the same ecosystem.

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