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What to Expect from Seedify in the Next Phase; Seedify V2

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Seedify Fund

Oct 11 · 5 min read

Hello again Seedify Community,

It’s been a while since we haven’t posted an article regarding strategies and new stuff cooking in the labs.

The last time we had a major change/evolution was this summer, when we announced Seedify’s pivot, as the first blockchain gaming focused incubator & launchpad.

In this 2–3 months, we believe we lived up to the promises we made.

  • Brought many new team members into Seedify,
  • Had many IGOs which provided profits to SFUND holders,
  • Ramped up our marketing to a degree that awareness about Seedify grew to a major relevance in a short amount of time,
  • As well as elevating our brand to a degree that, launching at Seedify meant strength and promise for a blockchain gaming project,

We have grown.
And we are not gonna stop here. In the next phase, we want to provide more, and astound everyone with what we can achieve further, while boosting the amount of impact we can create for each project we launch, and each SFUND holder.

So let’s dive deeper into the main topics of what to expect from Seedify in the next phase starting from right here, where we are.

Game on!

The 5 Main Pillars of Seedify v2:

While we will define the scope of all these main pillars as separate articles, so we can really walk you through them and visualize what we have planned in a canvas, today we will go over them briefly, so you can have more information on what’s coming (without too much information that will be rather hard to consume);

Seedify Game Studios:

We grew to where are through resourcefulness, hard work and bold moves. While most companies in blockchain do not achieve profitability, we have achieved profitability in a very rapid way, currently employing more than 25 team members, and growing in financials constantly.

Since we are growing our game chest and can now take bigger risks, we will be devoting a part of Seedify’s profits to Seedify Game Studios.

Seedify Game Studios will be employing more than 20 people from various skillsets at its initial launch; art directors, game designers, character designers, environment designers, FX artists, play-to-earn model designers, animators, illustrators, outsourcing managers, in-game economists, game developers, and such…

What Seedify Game Studios will be doing will be revealed in a further article, in more detail. A little hint we can give is; we are looking to increase the quality level of the games that launch from Seedify. Drastically.

Seedify Game NFT Launchpad:

We already started to develop this product with our dev team, and we will give you more details about what to expect from Seedify Game NFTs Launchpad.

Also we will have community testing periods for usability, UI, and feature related improvements which will be announced once the product is on the staging servers.

Seedify Utility NFT Set:

As Seedify, since we have connections with a lot of games, we can create many interesting utilities around a Seedify NFT Set.

We have thought of some very exciting utilities that can provide real value propositions from the get go; a set that would be connected with the Seedify brand, ecosystem, projects, and products.

We want to create something very special here, both design and utility wise, and create it as a gateway to many interesting things to come.

The utilities, minting prerequisites, visual style, storyline and rarities/what they will mean will be revealed in the future.

Seedify Product Updates:

We have upgraded our website into its gaming branded vibe, and right now eager to release the next few things.

We have the locked staking & yield farming modules finished, community tested, and set out to be released at the end of current farming epoch, with more than 2 audits.

We have the token claiming system 95% ready, with BSC, ETH, Polygon integrations working, and Avalanche coming soon.

We have been working on Solana integrations, since a lot of new games are coming to us who want to host on Solana as well.

We have a profile section coming up, where you can see your KYC status, your next token claims, your current SFUNDs in farming & staking, and pretty much all the necessary info you need to make your life easier while using Seedify Launchpad.

A couple more useful site-additions are also in the staging server, which we can call quality-of-life upgrades for Seedify users.

Also, in the previous month we have created a community testing group, so all products that are released are very well tested by those who will actually use it!

One final note, we also worked on optimizing the gas fees, while interacting with Seedify Launchpad. During this week we are going to be testing it with our community group, and then pushing it to live after audits.

Seedify Socials

This part in itself will be at least a 10 minute read, so we want to directly share this part in another article. There is so much new exciting things we have on the table to take Seedify’s social presence into the next level.

We will be going a bit more bold and a bit more creative 🙂

Farewell, until the next article!
Seedify Team

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