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Satoshi: Master of disguise — The next generation of NFT avatars

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We at Blockchain Comics are proud to present our first project- Satoshi: Master of Disguise (SMoD). It is an NFT avatar project like no other. Built upon the Ethereum Layer 2 solution — Immutable X, SMoD allows for instantaneous smart contract transactions with ZERO GAS FEES. Every layer of the avatar has been minted individually, opening us up to a world of utility.

Satoshi: Master of disguise is a digital comic book series presented in NFT format. Initially 10,000 unique avatars are up for sale, each with their own distinguishing characteristics and rarity. Rocker. Influencer. Taxi Driver. Party darling. Laid back farmer. Politician. Gamer. Musician. Hall of famer. Satoshi is everyone and no one. Here is your chance to be a part of his story.

Who is Satoshi to you?

Upon purchase of your unique avatar you will have full commercial license to use your avatar as you please. Be it for your new coffee shop, clothing line, record label or just as your own profile pic. Your Satoshi is your own. Show your support for the decentralized revolution. Supporters of SMoD NFT’s will have access to discord and be able to participate in community challenges. Perks to be introduced for holders after the sale.

And then the games begin. Be a part of the resistance, working together as a community to solve clues as to the whereabouts of Satoshi’s stash bags. Form alliances, teams, battle it out to uncover that elusive prize. Being a SMoD holder is much more than just owning a piece of art. You are part of The Resistance.

Show your support for the ever-expanding world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions and fight back at the powers that be.

We are all Satoshi.

The blurb..

While centralized powers have cast a shadow of greed and despair over all walks of life, blockchain technology has become a burning light of hope for the few that know. In downtown LA something is not right, the Special Enforcement Control chase a shadow.

Declared an enemy of the state, Satoshi must tread carefully between hideouts. He has become … Satoshi: Master of disguise. Not only that, he’s been sighted all over the world, causing the lead detectives on the case to descend further into their already debauched lifestyle, desperate for a lead.

In the streets, whispers speak of The resistance, pushing back at the powers that be. However, things are not quite what they seem. Real enemies lurk in the darkness forming plans to secure Satoshi’s downfall.

As Satoshi’s message spreads, the list of enemies grows, going all the way to the top. The dangers are real, the world is at stake, and Satoshi needs all the help he can get…….


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