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The Exemplars — Darksun Elves

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The Exemplars — Darksun Elves

That which makes a victim blind,
Taunts and shakes a fearless mind,
Swallows every light of day,
When darker things come out to play.

Do you see the darkened sun?
Light that’s dimmed is light undone,
Dooming those who dare rely
Upon a torch inside the sky.

-Darksun Ditty

Have you gotten your Mirandus Exemplar avatar yet? They come in dozens of variations, each with a special story and situation in the world of Mirandus. Each Exemplar also comes with a unique bonus or ability based on their particular skill set. Some of these are mere physical skills, like quicker crafting, running or rowing. Others are more magical benefits, such as extra-sensory perceptions that will give you a powerful edge when facing the challenges ahead. Today we’re taking a look at one of the rarest Exemplar avatars of all: The Darksun Elves.

Are you a nighttime person? Have you always been ridiculed for sleeping in or staying up late? Are you often accused of “burning the midnight oil” or “pulling an all-nighter?” If so, then you’re going to love the Darksun Elves. For them, day is night and night is day.

This is a tribe of Elves that is completely obsessed with darkness. They have spent many years and generations embracing the dark, while observing the dark hidden truth of the sun: Its light will fade and eventually die. The tribe’s mission and purpose is to prepare for the darkening of the sun, and they have watched other stars in the night sky gradually twinkle out and disappear. After the light goes away, only those who have learned to be one with the dark will survive.

No one knows how long Darksun Elves live, or how long they have walked the lands. A Darksun is not likely to tell you stories and educate you about the history of their people, even if you are lucky enough to strike up a conversation with one in the course of your adventures. Their practices suggest that they have been quietly observing the darkness and light for many lifetimes.

The Darksuns are a cult-like order of Elves who dedicate themselves fully to darkness. They’re not evil. On the contrary, Darksuns are generally very compassionate and peaceful, even compared to other ancestries of Elves. They face life with a peculiar peaceful satisfaction and a sense of wise acceptance. This is the main reason the Darksuns are widely thought to be so very old. They are essentially a doomsday religion, and the time is nearly at hand for the apocalypse of darkness that they see as their ultimate rise to power.

The stories say that the Darksuns broke away from the traditions of the Elves over a thousand years ago. They inverted their clocks, turning night into day. They began waking in the dark and sleeping during the day. After about 10 years in the dark, Darksuns began developing the ability to see at night. Many of the very next generation of Darksun Elves were born with this ability, and today it is innate in all Darksun Elves.


Your Darksun Elf Exemplar may not give you the otherworldly wisdom of the Darksuns, but you’ll definitely get their ability to see at night. You’ll know what’s coming in the dark. When others cannot see you, you can still see them.

Wealthy merchants may need your help to guard and guide their caravan from one town to the next, paying you handsomely for your assistance. Royalty may require one of your tribe as a security escort. Having a night guide who can see every danger as if it is daytime is a valuable skill for rich and powerful travelers. There are far more dangerous creatures out at night in Mirandus than during the day, but Darksun Elves can guide travelers safely through the night.

There are certain materials that can only be found at night, and as a Darksun Elf you’ll be able to find them easily. Your sensitive eyes are perfect for spotting things which almost everyone else will miss in the darkness. Very few people in Mirandus can travel between towns by night; the Darksun Elves have this ability.

Remember, the Elf Exemplars are the rarest of all. Each different Elf Exemplar has a supply of only 200, and Darksuns are still available while supplies last.

Join the discussion in Discord and get your Exemplars in the Mirandus store.

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