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As Sorare continues on its path to build the next giant in sports entertainment, we’ll look to…

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Oct 7 · 6 min read

As Sorare continues on its path to build the next giant in sports entertainment, we’ll look to leaders and experts from a range of fields to help scale the future of fandom with us. We will draw from their expertise to build and organize world-class teams that will level-up our product, engineering, partnerships and content.

Today, we are thrilled to announce four key hires. Their vast and world-class experience will propel Sorare into new markets and products globally. We invited each leader to share more about the Sorare adventure that lies ahead of them.

Ryan Spoon — Chief Operating Officer

Ryan joins Sorare from BetMGM where he was COO. Before BetMGM, he was the Senior Vice President of Digital and Social at ESPN leading digital properties in Sports such as the ESPN app, ESPN fantasy and ESPN social. His world-class experience in media, fantasy sports and product will be essential to Sorare’s continued success.

“Sorare has blown me away. Truly. It is a remarkable team, a remarkable game and product experience, and with a remarkable and passionate community of players. It is hard not to be excited and moved by what has been accomplished and what is possible.”

“Personally, Sorare sits squarely at the intersection of my passions and my career efforts: sports, fantasy and games, collectibles and NFTs, and marketplaces.

I spent eight years at ESPN leading digital product, fantasy, and content (among other things). We woke up each morning with the enviable mission to grow and enable fandom. On my office walls hung numerous pieces from my (much too big) sports card collection — many of which I amassed from years of eBay buying, selling and trading. And to bring it full circle: I started my career with 4+ terrific years at eBay. There was no better place to learn — and participate in — marketplaces, community, collectibles, internet marketing and product.

So what do I hope to bring to Sorare? A deep passion for sports fandom, for community, and for product and user experience. And I hope to bring a unique perspective that is both rooted in my personal and my professional experiences… realizing, of course, how fortunate I am that those two have always been connected!”

David Byttow — Principal Architect

As a company of builders, few things are more important than finding experienced, passionate engineers that can help guide Sorare and our team through the next phase of company growth. David is a technology leader that has a broad experience in building delightful products in a variety of industries. He was an Engineering Leader in inspiring companies such as Square, Google, Postmates and Lyft, helping these companies scale to tens of millions of users. Fun fact: he is the only member of the Sorare squad that has his own wikipedia page.

Why I joined Sorare:

“I joined Sorare because I believe the company hit on something really special at the intersection of three spaces I’m particularly interested in: blockchain, gaming, and fantasy sports. I’m excited to help this rapidly growing team scale the product, technology, and team.”

What I will bring to Sorare:

“My first priority will be to build the mobile team and lead the effort to launch the Sorare mobile app. I will also architect and help scale our systems to keep up with our community growth and demand.”

Michael Melzer — Head of Business Development

Michael joins the Sorare squad from the biggest fantasy sports company in the world. As one of their earliest employees, he was a key part of their impressive growth and set a new standard on what is possible through partnership and business development in the fantasy sports industry.

Why I joined Sorare:

“From my first conversation with Nicolas and thereafter meeting the Sorare team, I was very impressed with the company’s culture, product and long-term vision. Sorare has an incredible opportunity to completely innovate how fans engage with their favorite teams and athletes. It is not too often an opportunity arises to bring a completely new technology like blockchain to sports fans around the world. I am also very encouraged by the community that has developed around the product, and how engaged and knowledgeable Sorare users are.”

What I will bring to Sorare:

“As an early employee of DraftKings in the U.S. I gained first-hand experience as the company grew from an early stage daily fantasy sports startup into one of the biggest fantasy sports and iGaming offerings in the U.S. I hope to take many of these learnings and apply it to the huge opportunity ahead of Sorare. In my role as Head of Business Development, I am focused on working with the team to grow our pipeline of new partnerships and building long-lasting relationships with partners in our network. The goal is to bring Sorare to as many fans across the world by continuing to expand our footprint in the global football community, while also introducing Sorare’s product to new sports leagues around the world. We will also look to partner with other key strategic partners who can help educate fans on Sorare and make our product central to how fans consume sports in the future.”

Sylvain Utard — VP Engineering

Engineering is central to help connect fans to their favorite players and clubs. It is core to our strategy to deliver the best fantasy game globally. We have built an amazing engineering team at Sorare, one which Sylvain will now lead and expand. Sylvain is joining us from Algolia, where he scaled the engineering team from 1 to over 100s of developers.

Why I joined Sorare:

“After 13 years in a B2B SaaS tech company, I was looking for other challenges and I thought that going back to B2C was definitely where I could find some challenges I hadn’t faced yet. I actually started my career in B2C a long time ago and I loved the way the community you’re engaging with is at a whole other level than what you can get with B2B. Sorare’s community definitely confirmed this and I’ve been amazed to see on Sorare’s Discord server or on Twitter the boiling hot engagement that the community was expressing. I’ve also been shocked — in a good way! — when I realised there were already businesses building their companies and products on top of Sorare’s fantasy game and platform. This is something I found extremely difficult to do in past experience and I couldn’t believe Sorare already managed to create some space for this to happen.

Last but not least, I also knew that to be entirely fulfilled, I wanted to join a company where the team gets things done quickly, a team working hard and together to achieve a clear mission. Well, I can tell the team at Sorare over-delivered on this. I’m not only impressed by the quality of the game experience they built, but also amazed by how fast they have been partnering with so many clubs and leagues. And after meeting with the team during the interview process, I could tell that while all of them were extremely humble, they were all speaking about what’s happening next with a ton of ambition.”

What I will bring to Sorare:

“I’ve been scaling product & engineering teams for the past 11 years. I’ll bring this experience & expertise to help scale a highly functioning product & engineering team at Sorare. It starts with hiring, where I want to help Sorare to continue raising the bar and hire the best talents in the world. It’s then about onboarding talent, which I’ve seen so many companies overlook: it’s a special time for both the new joiner and the team. Clarity on what’s happening next and what the expectations are, are key to making it successful.

Of course, I’m willing to iterate on the way we work at Sorare: with the product & engineering team growing, we’ll need to change the way we work together. What used to work with a 10 people team won’t work anymore with 20, and what works with 20 won’t with 50, etc… I’ve seen the magic happen when a great team scales, working together against a same objective: it’s going to be my north star.

Last but not least, I’m a big team player and a developer at heart so I’m also willing to use my system design & coding skills to contribute to where the team needs me to build the best game.”

We want to build the future of fandom, helping fans connect with their favorite players, clubs and leagues through next generation fantasy gaming. In order for us to achieve this goal, we must recruit the best and scale our team. The shared experience of these 4 key hires navigating engineering, product, business development and content on behalf of some of Silicon Valley’s most iconic companies will be invaluable to Sorare at this time. If you excited about what we’re building, we’re hiring both in France and in the US. See our open positions.

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