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Space Jam: A New Legacy — Goon Squad Announcement

This post was originally published on Nifty's

Space Jam: A New Legacy — Goon Squad Announcement

INCOMING TRANSMISSION from the Serververse: The Goon Squad is coming to Nifty’s.

Since their defeat against the Tune Squad in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the Goon Squad has been scheming a way to get back in the game, and this time, they’re playing for keeps in the form of limited-edition NFTs.

Made up of the elite talents of White Mamba, Chronos, Wet-Fire, Arachnneka, and The Brow, the Goon Squad are making their way to screens near you and they’re ready for their next round. But this time, through the power of the blockchain, they can’t be deleted.

Only time will tell which squad is truly the supreme team, and the power rests in your hands. It’s your turn to decide: Tune or Goon? Will you stand with your Tune Squad players, or join up with the likes of the Goon Squad?

Our challenge to you: Show your allegiance. Starting 10/21, you’ll have the option to earn Goon Squad NFTs exclusively through Nifty’s. There are three paths you can take, so choose wisely:

  1. Keep your current Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs
  2. Burn and replace existing Tune Squad NFTs for Goon Squad Player NFTs and/or
  3. Be as mighty as Al G. Rhythm himself and add a Goon Squad Team NFT to your existing collection.

If you choose option 1, your transmission will end here. However, if you choose option 2 and/or 3, keep reading.

Option 2: Burn and Replace

To trade in your existing Tune Squad NFTs and amplify the power of the Goon Squad, select 3 existing Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs from your wallet to “burn” and they will be replaced by a randomly generated Goon Squad player NFT. 3 Tune Squad NFTs = 1 Goon Squad NFT, and you can redeem as many Goon Squad Player NFTs as you like. Need more Tune Squad NFTs in your wallet? Visit the [Nifty’s Marketplace] to stock up.

Option 3: Collect Them All

Add to your NFT collection by purchasing Space Jam: A New Legacy from one of the approved partners. Register your purchase on moviesanywhere.com now through October 18th and opt-in to receive communications from Warner Bros. Once registered, you will receive an email with a unique code by October 21st. Visit [this Nifty’s page] October 21–28th and input your code to redeem your exclusive Goon Squad Team NFT. All NFTs will be distributed to your Nifty’s wallet by November 4th.

Which path will you take? The choice is yours, but make it soon. The Goon Squad drops on Nifty’s October 21st.

NOTE: All NFT selections are randomized. Burning higher rarity Tune Squad NFTs will not guarantee a higher rarity Goon Squad player NFT. Nifty’s users can redeem both Goon Squad player cards and the Goon Squad Team NFT.

Space Jam: A New Legacy — Goon Squad Announcement was originally published in Nifty’s on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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