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Sin City: The Next NFT Drops

This post was originally published on Gala

“No reason to play it any way but my way.”

This is your chance to get a piece of Frank Miller history in a sizzling NFT art drop brought to you by Gala Labs and Concept Art House. The blockchain gaming company has teamed up with the world-renowned art studio and the legendary Mr. Frank Miller to bring you these exclusive and limited edition NFT pieces in celebration of 30 years of Sin City.

Interviews with Frank

Interview with Adreynn Ashley for Crypto Daily
Interview with Aaron Couch of the Hollywood Reporter
Interview with Joel and Travis of the Bad Crypto Podcast

Tomorrow (October 1st) at 6:00pm EST, it’s time for the next wave of auctions to begin at FrankMiller.io. Make sure your account is created and your Metamask wallet is linked, because these NFTs will only be available for a limited time.

Tomorrow’s Auctions

The two pieces announced yesterday in THIS POST are now available for a limited time at FrankMiller.io. The new pieces below have just been revealed on the website and will be available for bids and purchases in 24 hours.

Each of these pieces was created from Frank Miller’s original art, then expertly animated and polished by Concept Art House; they are now being presented to you by the blockchain gurus at Gala Labs, a division of Gala Games, the leading blockchain gaming platform in the world.

Enjoy the brief previews below, but to see each piece in its full animated glory complete with sound effects, visit FrankMiller.io.

Today’s auctions will include 3 different types of sales: An Open Auction , a Ranked Auction, and a Classic (1 of 1) Auction.

Open Auction: “Everybody Has Evil”

This animated revolving piece of 3d art will be available in unlimited quantity, but only for a window of 15 minutes, starting at 6pm EST on October 1st. Make sure you’re ready for this one by connecting your wallet at FrankMiller.io.

“The noir hero is a knight in blood-caked armor. He’s dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time.”
-Frank Miller

NOTE: When bidding with a credit card on FrankMiller.io, the maximum charge is $3000. If you expect one of your target listings to go higher than that, please make arrangements to pay with crypto via USDC and Metamask!

Ranked Auction: “Wendy”

Like the other Ranked Auctions in this series, bids will be open for this piece for a 24 hour period. At the end of the auction, the top 25 bidders will each receive a randomly assigned edition of the NFT piece.

This piece brilliantly captures the idea of hardened beauty in an unforgiving world of depravity. With more variety of color than typically afforded to Frank Miller’s characters, the unlikely heroine possesses grace and glamour reminiscent of Marv’s lost love and Wendy’s deceased twin sister, Goldie… The goddess.


SPECIAL BONUS — The winner of this Classic Auction will also receive an exclusive Frank Miller autographed print!

Classic Auction: “Live Drawing with Frank”

We’re doing things a little differently with this 1 of 1 piece, which represents a piece of priceless Frank Miller art that does not yet exist. That’s right. The winner of this auction will receive a personalized NFT piece created live by Frank Miller himself. The winner will be contacted through email to work out the details of their personalized art. Bids will be open for 24 hours starting at 6pm EST on October 1st.

The Next Drops

Look out tomorrow for information on the next round of drops (October 4th) in this legendary NFT series, and good luck acquiring some of these pieces for your collection.

Remember, all auctions begin at 6pm EST, and some are only available for 15 minutes! Make sure you have created an account at FrankMiller.io and connected your Metamask wallet. You’ll find additional information on the site’s FAQ page.

Join in the discussion in the Gala Games Discord community at GalaGames.chat.

What is Gala Labs?

Gala Labs is a group of creative technologists from around the globe who enjoy exploring, stretching and bringing to life ideas that complement the ecosystem built by Gala Games. We are motivated to find new and exciting ways to creatively use blockchain technology to engage and reward the Gala Games community. We also help brand and IP owners get ready for a decentralized future!

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