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Sin City 30th Anniversary — The First Auction

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Sin City 30th Anniversary — The First Auction

We’re kicking this party off with a real bang, bringing you an Opensea exclusive 1 of 1 auction for the first piece in the Sin City 30th Anniversary collection.


The Series

This limited edition series of collectible art NFTs was created by Frank Miller and Concept Art House and is brought to you by the blockchain gurus at Gala Labs, a division of Gala Games.

The 24 hour auction will begin on September 29th at 6pm EST. You can view the entire piece in all its neo-noir glory by visiting FrankMiller.io right now.

Bids for this piece will be accepted only on Opensea (link at FrankMiller.io). The only form of payment accepted will be GALA.

Classic Auction: “The All-or-Nothing Days”

Appropriately titled “The All-or-Nothing Days,” this beautiful 1 of 1 animated piece of Sin City history will go to the single highest bidder at the end of the 24 hour auction period. Check it out at FrankMiller.io.

This piece encapsulates all the boldness and noir elegance of Miller’s signature Sin City character: Marv. He fearlessly walks into danger, openly and honestly, fully misunderstood but unwavering in his pure-of-heart journey of justice and vengeance.

The Next Drops

This Opensea exclusive auction is kicking off the series, and at 6pm EST this evening we will reveal the next round of drops, which will only be available on FrankMiller.io.

To be ready for the onsite auctions beginning on September 30th, make sure you have created an account at FrankMiller.io and connected your Metamask wallet. You’ll find additional information on the site’s FAQ page.

Join in the discussion in the Gala Games Discord community at GalaGames.chat.

What is Gala Labs?

Gala Labs is a group of creative technologists from around the globe who enjoy exploring, stretching and bringing to life ideas that complement the ecosystem built by Gala Games. We are motivated to find new and exciting ways to creatively use blockchain technology to engage and reward the Gala Games community. We also help brand and IP owners get ready for a decentralized future!

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