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Get Ready for Frank Miller Commemorative NFTs

This post was originally published on Gala

“It’s time to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn.”
-Sin City

Thirty years ago, iconic artist and writer Frank Miller created the neo-noir crime thriller series of graphic novels, Sin City, which broke down barriers and captured the comic world’s imagination. The raw and brutal humanity of Miller’s noir heroes made them relatable on a level that few artists in the space have ever reached.


The stories first appeared in April of 1991, as part of Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special, and over the following year they were released as 13 serial installments with intertwining characters and storylines. Many of us will never forget the gritty and hard-hitting fictional events of Basin City, which became the setting for some of our darkest dreams.

In 2005, Frank Miller teamed up with award-winning filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (of From Dusk Till Dawn and the El Mariachi series), to bring Sin City to life in a visual masterpiece of a film. Sin City became an instant classic.

As announced in April of this year with THIS POST, Gala Games has teamed up with the legendary creator himself, along with world renowned art studio Concept Art House, to bring the world an exquisite collectible series of limited edition NFTs to commemorate 30 years of Sin City.

After months of preparation, these historic NFT drops are finally slated to begin next week and the Gala Games team is star struck. The collectibles are absolutely beautiful, capturing all the noir excitement of Frank Miller’s original works of art and exploding into a new medium that profoundly says to the world, “these stories will live forever.”

When a real life hero of collectibles and creativity like Frank Miller acknowledges the paradigm shift at hand and affirms the power of digital collectibles, it makes a statement to the world almost as powerful as Miller’s sledgehammer storytelling and breathtaking art.

“Everybody Has Evil”

Check out this exclusive interview with the legend himself from Crypto Daily. It’s absolutely worth a quick 10-minute listen!

Some NFT drops will be limited in quantity, while others will be available only for a limited time. Still others will be so rare and unique that only a single edition will ever be owned.

The first auctions begin on Wednesday, September 29th.

Sign up now at FrankMiller.io.

Get Ready for Frank Miller Commemorative NFTs was originally published in Gala Games Official Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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