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SpacePort Arcade Getting Relaunch With Improved Economy

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The economy of the play-to-earn game SpacePort Arcade will very soon be completely relaunched, using new smart contracts that overhaul and improve things. There will be a 4000 BNB presale to boost the initial liquidity pool, while players no longer need to earn a minimum amount to claim their rewards. These and more changes need to make it even easier for new players to join, play and earn.

The earlier version of SpacePort Arcade gave many players the opportunity to play and earn SPC tokens. However, the entire economy was pretty inconsistent: high slippage, fluctuating taxes and so on. The renewed version of the SpacePort Arcade economy will have a big prize pool, creating lower slippage and therefore less price fluctuation. In addition the team set the daily earnings rate to 2%, so everybody knows what they are getting into.

No matter how much players will earn, they can always claim their earnings. However, of course there will be gas fees for claiming SPC tokens. The renewed SPC token exists on Binance Smart Chain, and thanks to the improved economy slippage and gas fees will be a lot lower than before. Everybody who had the old SPC tokens, will receive the new ones based on a snapshot that has already happened. This will happen on a 1:1 ratio, so everybody will receive exactly the amount they had.

So, those who have already invested in SpacePort Arcade will receive their new SPC tokens when the new contract launches. Those who are interested in jumping in this Galaga-inspired arcade game will now have more certainty on the earning mechanics, without the risk of ridiculously fees or slippage.

How to play SpacePort

In terms of gameplay SpacePort doesn’t offer the most complicated challenges. You control a spaceship and need to destroy incoming enemies. Obviously the amount of enemies and the speed at which they move increases, and as a result the challenge quickly becomes bigger.

By shooting multiple enemy ships in a row, your combo will increase. This will multiply your score. At the same time the level of the game determines how fast the enemies will be. There are three different enemies: moderate, slow and fast ones. In addition you can find items that add to your combo, give your a bonus or enhance your offensive or defensive powers. Based on your score, you will be able to earn SPC tokens.

When the SPC token launches, buy some from PancakeSwap. You can always earn 2% of your holdings per day. So when you buy $100 of SPC tokens, you can earn $2 per day. Play the game daily, and in ten days you can have more than $120, which means that you can earn $2.40 per day, etc.

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