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The Pororo LAND Sale

This post was originally published on The Sandbox

Join Pororo, the little penguin & friends on September 23rd at 1PM UTC for a new LAND sale.

The Sandbox

Sep 22 · 5 min read

Discover more about Pororo’s universe and their new adventures in the metaverse: http://thesandbox.kr/pororo/en/


  • 512 LANDs will be for sale around the Pororo ESTATE.
  • 110 Premium LANDs will be sold with a bundle of four exclusive NFTs containing 1 Legendary, 1 Epic, 1 Rare, and 1 Common NFT.
  • 1 Legendary Pororo NFT will be sold via auction on OpenSea
  • All 6 ESTATEs will be sold via auction on OpenSea.

Get ready for a fun party with our new partner, Pororo the little penguin and his friends. Our next LAND sale will take place on September 23rd at 1PM UTC where 512 LANDs and 110 Premium LANDs will be for sale during this special event.

Premium LANDs

Each Premium LAND is bundled with a random set of four NFTs, one of each rarity. When clicking on a LAND you will be able to preview the NFTs that are attached to it which could help you in making your decision. Here are the rarity categories of each of these characters:

  • Legendary : Crong, Petty, Loopy, Eddy
  • Epic : Rody, Poby, Harry, Tongtong
  • Rare : Pipi, Popo
  • Common : Pororo Balloon

Pororo and Friends NFTs

The Pororo Auction

Through the partnership between ICONIX and The Sandbox, for the first time, Pororo will be minted as an NFT exclusively on The Sandbox Platform. Don’t miss the chance to own the first ever Pororo NFT — the well-known and beloved IP in Korea and across the world.

Owning this Pororo, will make you the only owner of this exclusive NFT in the Metaverse. You would be the only user who can use this NFT as your avatar or create a game using Pororo that none other has the right to create. Your game will be the only game in which users will be able to use Pororo.

In the future, there will be various Pororo characters of different skins and designs that will be auctioned, just like the original design of Pororo has been. Own a series of special Pororos for special benefits that will be announced later.

However, nothing can top the original Pororo NFT — as the benefit of owning this NFT will be the most special. Stay tuned!



Broken Thread

Ape Harbour

They created 7777 exciting yachts to roam the oceans of the metaverse looking for new apeventures.

WoW (World of Women)

Dysto Punks

Head over to the Metaverse on September 23rd at 1PM UTC!

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