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The Walking Dead LAND Sale Wave 4— Sanctuary

This post was originally published on The Sandbox

The ultimate battle to keep Sanctuary walker-free starts on September 16th at 1PM UTC.

The Sandbox

Sep 15 · 3 min read

For the final wave, we finally reach the Sanctuary and we’ll take no prisoners! This will be our last battle against the walkers, and it will take place in the center of our Metaverse, where it all began. 602 LANDs and 202 premium LANDs will be for sale around the mythical 24×24 The Walking Dead ESTATE, the Sanctuary.

Head over to the map at 1PM UTC to grab your LAND — while you still can.


  • A total of 602 LANDs and 189 Premium LANDs are for sale in direct purchase.
  • 13 Premium LANDs will also put in direct auctions.
  • A total of seven small ESTATEs (3×3), four medium ESTATEs (6×6) and one large ESTATE L (12×12) will be available during this round and will be sold in auction on OpenSea.
  • The large ESTATE touches the main The Walking Dead 24×24 ESTATE, giving them extra value.
  • The highest bid at the end of the 24-hour auction will win the ESTATE.

Make sure you have a registered account at The Sandbox before the LAND sale begins.

Premium LANDs

Each Premium LAND, in the second wave will be sold with five exclusive NFTs from The Walking Dead’s universe. These LANDs will have 1 Common, 2 Rare, 1 Epic and 1 Legendary Premium NFTS. The three bundles that were sold for our first three waves will be mixed up during this fourth wave.

Get one of the three NFT bundles with your premium LAND
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