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Battling in Polymon World — the 3D Multiplayer Play-to-Earn RPG

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Lennart Brandt

Sep 15 · 5 min read

One month ago, we announced Polymon World — a 100% community-driven 3D multiplayer RPG set in the Polyverse. The sheer excitement you expressed was nothing short of encouraging for the whole team.

The Polymon World Teaser Trailer

Since then, the anticipation for fighting alongside your Polymon has been growing day by day. With our newest update, we’re thrilled to give you a detailed look into the battle system of Polymon World.

Battle System

You will fight to improve your Polymon through battle and to teach them unique attacks. As you improve your team, you will gain access to new zones depending on the level of your selected Polymon team.

Shatter Focus

In Polymon World, you will win tokens by competing against others in battles and tournaments. These tokens will eventually be used to purchase in-game NFTs and to alter your Polymon’s appearance.

The battle system is based on a strategic rock paper scissors-like design with more choice complexity through an action points system. A battle between two players happens over several attack phases. A Polymon can perform several actions in each attack phase like light attacks, heavy attacks, or a block.

Attack Phases

Once all actions of both Polymon are completed, you can select new battle actions for the next attack phase.

If a Polymon is defeated during an attack phase, the phase will end. Once you’ve defeated your opponent’s Polymon, you win the battle. For each battle, you can select up to 6 Polymon. So sit tight and cheer on your team!

Action Points


Battle Actions

  • Light Attack: A weaker attack costing one action point.
  • Heavy Attack: A strong attack with possible special effects costing two action points.
  • Block: A defensive action blocking all damage during the current phase. You can only use this action, costing two action points, once per attack phase.
  • Swap: Enables you to swap Polymon during a battle. After swapping, you can’t select further battle actions for the same attack phase. When Polymon are swapped in, they have a higher chance of avoiding attacks during the next phase. This action costs one action point.
  • Skip: Skip the attack phase and save up your action points for a later turn.

Battle Strategies







What’s Next

Will it be possible to teach my Polymon specific attacks? Which attributes will my Polymon have, and which ones exist in the first place? What types will exist, and how will type advantages work?

We will answer all of these questions, and many more, in the upcoming blog posts about Polymon World. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow the team on Twitter!

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