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Origin Tokens (OGN) Are Now On CoinList

This post was originally published on Origin

We are excited to announce that CoinList has listed OGN on their exchange with USD and USDT trading pairs. We worked with CoinList during our fundraising efforts and a large number of our original token holders joined the Origin community via the CoinList platform in 2018. CoinList has hosted some of the most prominent token raises in the history of crypto including FileCoin, Dfinity (Internet Computer), Solana, Flow, and Algorand. CoinList is a spin-off of the prominent fundraising platform AngelList and has grown to be one of the most important platforms in crypto with a large and engaged community.

Origin was one of the earliest projects to raise on CoinList

Listing Details

CoinList OGN investors have been some of our most ardent supporters and community members. We are happy that they can now access liquidity and purchase more OGN directly on the CoinList platform. We also welcome all the CoinList users who did not participate in the original OGN sale to join our community for the first time.

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