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UniArt’s Impossible Art Formula is coming on Polygon!

This post was originally published on Uniarts

UniArt’s Impossible Art Formula is an NFT gallery where you can vote for the most-in-demand NFTs and receive rewards. During the voting round, the UniArts token will be continuously cast into the NFT according to the number of votes obtained and can be retrieved by the NFT owner. In addition to the voting rewards, you can collect extra auction rewards with the deal price of NFT in the auction round. The higher the deal price, the more rewards will be available!

UniArt’s bring Impossible Art Formula with its unique “Appreciate Mining” mechanism to Polygon to fully utilize its low gas fee advantage and high amounts of existing NFTs. It would be unpleasant to pay a lot $ gas to just vote for an artwork on the blockchain. And it would be great that the gallery will be supporting all NFT holders to exhibit their great collection with UniArts and receive votes from the crypto community.

The Impossible Art Formula by UniArts on Polygon will be available around Sep 30, 2021

Learn more: https://af.uniarts.network/

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