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Win Weekly NFTs When You Borrow or Lend OGN on C.R.E.A.M Finance

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These four NFTs from the NFT-MUD game Heroes of Evermore will be given away over the next four weeks to users who lend and borrow OGN on cream.finance. The order in which they will be given away is as follows:

Week 1 — Namoc, Deep-Dwarf [Cleric]

Week 2 — Hun’Sek, Dark Elf [Mercenary]

Week 3 — Henrick, Human [Assassin]

Week 4 — Bhakkun, Barbarian [Mercenary]

You can learn more about Heroes of Evermore by joining their community on Discord at https://discord.gg/eapjvTHB.

How to Participate

Eligibility: Only wallet addresses that have lent or borrowed OGN on cream.finance are eligible to participate in our NFT giveaway. There are no dollar amount restrictions and entry is based on your wallet address, meaning one wallet lending or borrowing any amount equals one entry. You do not gain additional entries for lending or borrowing more OGN. Conversely, borrowing or lending with multiple wallets will give you multiple entries to the giveaway.

Duration: The campaign will be divided into four phases that last seven days each.

Phase 1: September 8th — September 15th

Phase 2: September 15th — September 16th

Phase 3: September 16th — September 23rd

Phase 4: September 23rd — September 30th

From the first day onward any wallets with OGN deposited or loaned will be eligible and count as an entry. Snapshots will be taken of wallet addresses every seventh day and winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be publicly announced with a transaction hash showing the NFT transfer.

Note: You do not need to remove and re-enter borrow or lend positions between giveaways. As long as you maintain a borrow or lend position of OGN on cream.finance you will be eligible for the giveaway. You do not need to take any action at the beginning or end of each phase.

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