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Womplay invites you to a birthday party!

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On September, 1st, 2021, Womplay will celebrate its first birthday! It has been a crazy ride, and we want to share this joyous occasion with all of you! In fact, even though Womplay is a birthday platform, you will be the ones to get presents and surprises!

When does it start?

We start on September, 1st, and conclude on September, 7th. That’s right — this will be a week-long celebration with a new surprise every day!

You will definitely not miss the party’s start — during the week of festivities, Womplay will go through a slight makeover with a vibrant display of gift boxes and confetti buttons!

How does it work?

Come and join the celebrations every day by opening up a gift box. Each box contains a singular surprise. These boxes can only be opened on specific days, so be sure to stop by Womplay’s party as often as you can!

The surprises differ from Wombucks bonuses to awesome in-game goodies from our partners and even new features — we won’t spoil the details before the event begins of course. You will have to find out what exactly the surprises are in due time!

Is it going to be like the Wombat’s first birthday?

While Wombat’s birthday party was a very merry celebration, it was rather fleeting. This time, we’ve decided to go along with things that may not necessarily involve blockchain games but would rather make your experience on the platform more fun — and not just for this week but for far longer than that!

Wrapping it up

In this year, Womplay has grown a lot in many ways: more people are joining in, there are more games — and this lineup looks a lot more diverse! — there are more things to do on the platform. We want to expand on that, and while a year flew by fast, we want to bring long-term, really impactful changes along with the festive activities. We hope you enjoy the celebrations — and as always, let us know which surprise you liked the most!

Join The Wombat Family!

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