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PlayDapp’s NFT merge, a sneak peek!

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PlayDapp Team

Aug 24 · 3 min read

You’ll soon be able to upgrade the value and use of your PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT. And we’re so excited we couldn’t help but share a quick update!

PlayDapp Gamers, we’re getting super close to releasing our awesome PlayDapp Town NFT merge system. We’ve been working away and making sure that it launches in the best condition possible.

The PlayDapp NFT merge system will form the base of our plans to allow merging and upgrading of all our Interoperable NFTs. Thanks to the power of Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Random Function) system. With the launch getting close we couldn’t resist dropping you some work in progress. So read on to get ahead of the curve.

PlayDapp’s merge function

Our Merge function has so much going on, and we cant wait for you to see and use it in all its glory but for now, here’s a sneaky look at what kind of things you can expect to see…

There’s a lot going on in this screenshot isn’t there? So let’s draw your eyes to four specific things. Remember there’s value in the concepts. So let’s dig in and see what we can tease out.

  1. Joker — So, what’s this then? Well, we know there are times when you might just want a helping hand.
  2. Merge & Upgrade — Seems pretty simple right? It might feel obvious but useability is key for all we do. So you can expect to see the awesome merge and upgrade area getting baked right into your Account section.
  3. Make SR & Make SSR — It’s all about getting to the next level. Our aim is to make sure that you can improve every group of NFT you’ve got, all in one place. No extra steps.
  4. CATEGORIES — Why is this interesting? On the face of it, Categories might look run of the mill, however, it’s not about what’s in there now, it’s about what could be there in the future. PlayDapp has a growing number of categories of NFT, so what else could you see there soon?

When can you use merge?

We’re in the final stages of development and QA, so our Merge function is getting incredibly close to release. We’re happy that you’ll see it go live soon.

Of course, a new system means celebrations. So be on the lookout for all manner of events with your chance to win PLA, our native token.

So keep lookout for a final announcement all about Merge and how you can win some awesome Rewards when we go live!

Merge in motion

Ok, so there are some interesting things being cooked up, but it’s got to work smoothly right? Lucky for you we can show off one of our merge prototypes below.

Remember the final release can be tweaked but it’s the ease of use you should be excited for!

Need more of a tease? We’ve got some extra stuff in the works, including events ready to power up your merge. Check the Mini Gallery below!

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