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Evolution Land Bounty Program

This post was originally published on Darwinia

Warriors! We are launching the bounty program of Evolution Land so that you can share your experiences, spread awareness, contribute to the growth of Evolution Land community while earning rewards!

List of Bounties:

● Making Videos about Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network: 1,000 RING MAX;
● Writing Articles about Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network: 1,000 RING MAX;
● Creating local communities of Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network: 1,500 RING MAX + official support;
●Contributing conversations to Evolution land/ Darwinia Network community channel: 500 RING.


It’s super easy to claim bounty! Here is how to do it step by step:

  1. Do the bounty.
  2. Join the bounty hunter telegram: https://t.me/evolutionlandbounty
  3. Send the link to your video, article, username, or community, and @ one of the admins.
  4. Your work will be manually reviewed.
  5. Get rewards!

If you are particularly passionate about the project and it’s shown in your quality of work and number of submissions, you will be promoted to the ambassador and get extra rewards based on your performance! Our top ambassadors have received RINGs and NFT lands that are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Bounty details:

We do have a minimum requirements for bounty submissions, but don’t worry, it’s literally minimum, as long as you tried, you should pass the requirements with ease.

Video Creation Bounty:

Summary: Hunters are rewarded RING tokens for making high quality videos about Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network, and publishing to YouTube. Think original and try to be professional. Quality videos will receive a larger reward.


● Must be about Evolution Land or Darwinia Network
● Minimum Followers Required: 5
● Languages Accepted: any languages
● Minimum Video Length Required: 3 mins
● Minimum Likes Required: 10


500 RING minimum + 500RING bonus for quality content

Article Creation Bounty:

Summary: Hunters are rewarded RING tokens for writing original, non-plagiarized articles about Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network. Hunters may use information from the website or whitepaper for example, but may NOT copy/paste info.


● Must be about Evolution Land or Darwinia Network
● Minimum Words Required: 500
● Languages Accepted: Any Languages
● Publications Platform: Medium, Steemit, Publish0x, CoinTelegraph, LinkedIn, Reddit, Personal blog, or any other main stream platforms.


500 RING minimum + 500RING bonus for quality content

Community Creation Bounty:

Summary: Hunters are rewarded RING tokens for creating local community of Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network in his or her native language. The community could be about game, revolved around scholarship… it’s up to you. Further more the community will also receive continues support from Darwinia officials.


● Must be about Evolution Land or Darwinia Network
● Minimum people required in the community: 50
● Languages Accepted: Any Languages
● Needs to be an active community: Community events once in a while, and people posting daily.
● Community Platform: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Facebook, off-line, or any other main-stream platform in your area.


1000 RING minimum + 500RING bonus for quality community + Official support

Social Activities Bounty:

Summary: Hunters are rewarded RING tokens for being active on community channels of Evolution Land/ Darwinia Network. This includes the Evolution Land official telegram channel, Evolution Land discord channel, and Darwinia Network telegram channel.


● Must contribute at least 150 conversation posts a week in both telegram and discord community platforms.
● Languages Accepted: Any Languages
● Official Community Platform:
Evolution Land Telegram: https://t.me/evolutionland9
Evolution Land Discord: https://discord.gg/kt3sjDYFRq
Darwinia Network Telegram: https://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork


500 Ring

Research References:

● Website — Check out https://www.evolution.land/
● Twitter Page — https://twitter.com/Evolution_Land
● Cast your vote on proposals — https://gov.evolution.land/#/
● NFT Marketplace for Evolution Land on Heco — https://market.xnft.net/
● Follow the Creators of Evolution Land — https://twitter.com/DarwiniaNetwork | t.me/DarwiniaNetwork
● Telegram Channel — https://t.me/evolutionland9
● Discord Channel — https://discord.gg/FvwZRbHbag
● Evolution Land Overview — https://docs.evolution.land/overview/what-is-evolution-land
● Evolution Land Github — https://github.com/evolutionlandorg/
● Evolution Land Version 1 — https://v1.evolution.land/
● How to make a Metamask Wallet — https://youtu.be/cTlY5QMuFJ8
● How to make a Heco Wallet — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw0FJiIUpOE
● Playlist on how to play Evolution Land — https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNiyNNoomLA6MANsnWazSlIXwuWh1W6Nj
● How to breed Apostles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDCfRvN7C2I

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